Bye bye, Heroic Archimonde!

Last night was a good night of raiding. We had made our way through all of Heroic Hellfire Citadel on Wednesday night so that we would have all of Sunday evening to work on getting Heroic Archimonde down for the first time. Turns out we only needed 2 pulls. We were very fortunate to have an extra hunter come along (who is totally kick ass!) so that definitely helped. I think also having smacked our head on the fight so many times previously on normal (and thankfully getting it down before all of the nerds!) as well as a couple of heroic attempts helped. Anyway, I’m really proud of the team. 🙂

Nighty night Archimonde!
Nighty night Archimonde! (I’m the Pandaren, third from the left)

After we killed Archimonde, we went back and did the first 6 bosses on Heroic. To make things faster we 2 healed almost everything, which was a challenge but also a lot of fun. I actually did pretty well on Iron Reaver and I managed to rank 450 on that fight (which I know isn’t that great at all, but for me it was awesome!) So overall we had a pretty good night.

Now we’re just waiting to see what happens about the Moose mount, whether that’s something that will be awarded to players who have already killed Heroic Archimonde, or if it is only on fresh kills. And also whether or not the quest drops for all in the raid, or only once per kill. I have a feeling I know what the situation will be, but I don’t say it then it won’t come true, so maybe I can avoid the inevitable out of sheer stubbornness! 😀

2 responses to “Bye bye, Heroic Archimonde!”

  1. Zeirah Avatar

    Congratulations 🙂 I’m so glad you got him down.

    I can’t believe I was online to see it; I had gone afk over 1 hour before and somehow Eluvi’s screensaver had kept me from logging out – it never normally keeps me in game for that long though, I got back to my PC to find me still logged in seconds before the guild announcement came up. Must have been fate for me to be online and see the ach pop up!

    I’m really hoping if you guys put him on farm, you could pull me along once for the quest, pretty please. That might be asking a lot since I decided I didn’t want to be regularly raiding so that’s ok if you dont want to 🙂


    1. Cinder Avatar

      Aww it was nice that you were there! I’m sorry I didn’t see you or get a chance to respond. Silly loot and screen shots and all that.
      And of course we’ll have you along for the moose! We’re trying to figure out what to do between now and Legion at the moment. Looks like most people want to do Archimonde a fair bit. We will let you know when everyone else has their moose! Sippy wants to do the same 🙂


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