Call of the World Shaman

Somebody on twitter reminded me of the Call of the World Shaman quest line from Cataclysm the other day. I did this quest chain once on my paladin but I was so new to the game at the time that it didn’t mean a lot to me then. It was interesting, but I didn’t know all of the characters and the history well enough to full appreciate it. Raid was cancelled again tonight due to not enough players, so I decided to do the quests on my shaman (because she really ought to have done it!) Boy am I glad I did this.

***For those of you who haven’t done this quest chain and want to be surprised by it, I suggest you head off. I have done a bunch of screen shots from the whole quest chain, so you will be spoiled. ***

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The quest can be picked up from your faction’s capital city where all the portals are. It will take you to Hyjal, where you have a chat with Thrall and the Aspects about the dramas with the Twilight’s Hammer, who of course show up to ruin the day. Thrall gets split in to the elements, and Aggra and I have to save him.

First, the air element, and we get to ride in a cyclone in Ulduar.

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After that, we headed underwater to the abyss where we saw a few visions of Thrall’s greatest desires. The first one that we see was interesting, actually. It’s between Thrall and Varian Wrynn, and see Thrall kneel before Varian and put down Doomhammer to call peace between the Alliance and the Horde. Knowing that in Legion, enhancement shamans pick up Doomhammer, it makes we wonder if this scene will become a reality?

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Next is to Deepholm to battle the earth elements, and get cross with Aggra at Thrall’s demands to be “patient”…

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And lastly, to Firelands to battle fire. Another interesting moment where Thrall screams at Gul’dan that he will burn his way through the afterlife to find Gul’dan in whatever hell he’s in. Why he told us to set Gul’dan free in AU Draenor is beyond me. But perhaps this is hinting at an event in Legion, too?

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So we set Thrall free and he and Aggra devote their lives to each other, and a whole bunch of important people are there to witness it, which is lovely. Thrall gives you a cloak to say thanks, then everybody cheers and Jaina cries (go figure).

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I really enjoyed this quest chain, even more so now that I better understand what is going on. I’m hoping this is similar to what we do in Legion to obtain our artifact weapons – a quest chain that I can do on my own, rich with story and epic screenshot moments 😀

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