I know a lot of people got this excitement earlier in the week when it first came out, but tonight was our last guild raid night, and we all got our moose. And it’s so lovely! It has a funny run and flies weird, but it’s so pretty and I love it so much.

look at the pretty blue stuff at his feet!!!

It is a bittersweet night tonight, because it was our last raid as a guild for Warlords. So I’ll be feeling a bit lost for awhile until I can decide what I want to do about raiding until Legion comes out. I haven’t quite decided. A break is probably the best idea so I’m not burned out by Legion, but I know I’ll miss it and want to raid again in no time. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I have this lovely moose to remind me of my awesome guild and raid team. Can’t wait for Legion!

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