An Alliance levelling adventure

This weekend I finished levelling my Alliance toon to 100. What a wonderful experience it was! The levelling felt different, even though a lot of the quests are the same, they were in different orders or for different purposes so they had that “newish” tinge to them.

I levelled my Death Knight as Blood because it’s just loads of fun gripping everything in and never dying. Actually now that I’m thinking about it the only time I died during the whole experience was during the garrison campaign where we go to far north Gorgrond to get the artifact back and there’s the big tree guy and loads of enemies to kill and what not. I decided to be a smart ass and did Gorefiend’s Grasp, pulled almost everyone and I exploded. I had a good laugh at my stupidity. Still, I recommend levelling as blood – yes, it’s slower, but it’s fun 🙂

So one of the biggest differences between the Horde and Alliance levelling experience is the garrisons. And there is just absolutely no comparison at all. Alliance genuinely get a castle. There’s a fountain. There are actual roads. It’s just beautiful, and now I’m even more bitter about my Horde garrison!

There were quite a few other instances where the Alliance story made other things make more sense. For example, I better understand Socrethar now, Ner’zhul’s situation makes more sense now, too (and is actually a bit devastating). The cinematic at the end of the SHadowmoon Valley quest line had me in tears (darn you Blizzard making me cry all the time!)

And Yrel. Wow. I loved Yrel before hand. We saw her every now and again as Horde, and she always struck me as pretty badass. But then I got to know her, and boy is she is brilliant character. Honestly, I don’t see how she would stay in AU Draenor while the Legion is kicking our asses. It seems very out of character for her. So I’m hoping we’ll see her again, soon.

As usual I took a truckload of screenshots while I was levelling, and have made a little slideshow of them below. PLEASE NOTE: there are spoilers in these screenshots!! If you haven’t done the Alliance quest line yet and would like to do it without being spoiled, don’t look at these pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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