You beta test this!

This week I was a guest on the Girls Gone WoW podcast with the ever lovely ladies, Raven and EJ. As usual, I had a brilliant time. You can check out the episode on their website here (or iTunes, Stitcher etc). The episode was about all things Beta. We talked about our experiences with Betas, how to be a good Beta tester etc. It’s a great show and I highly suggest giving it a listen, especially if you are in a Beta right now.

The main purpose of a Beta is to test, test, test. During the episode we talked about how to give feedback and I gave a (thoroughly entertaining!) analogy of how to give good feedback (it’s all about the detail!) (and it wasn’t that entertaining, but hopefully made sense!)

Since the episode, though, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what I would like to see tested in the Beta, and what I would test the crap out of if I were one of the chosen ones for beta testing. Here’s my list:

Can I really level as a healer? Or is it still going to be very slow?

Blizzard have talked about how healers and tanks will be able to put out a lot more damage than what they have been able to previously.


This, to me, it’s pretty clear that Blizzard expect healers and tanks to level in their respective classes rather than levelling as dps and switching to their support role for raiding. Some people will be really happy about this – they are healers or tanks through and through and don’t like having to figure out a dps rotation just to level. For me, I prefer levelling as elemental. I am a shaman, and whilst my primary purpose is to heal those who face the demons of the world, I recognise that I sometimes need to do that myself. I have command of the elements as a shaman, so it makes sense that I am able to use those to heal or to zap my enemies and generally kick some ass as elemental. But that doesn’t seem to be the intent in Legion, and it looks like I may need to level as restoration.

So an important aspect for me in Legion is how viable it is to level has a healer. Is the dps output strong enough that it doesn’t take 5 minutes to kill a mob?

I will say, I think it’s very important that this is tested by healers or tanks, rather than those who usually play dps specs, as dps will instantly feel weak. The tanks and the healers who are used to mobs taking a long time to die need to be the ones to see if we are feeling stronger, so they’d be better placed to determine whether it’s any faster now. I expect dps as a healer to be slower and lower and that’s totally fine – just how much slower will it be?

Getting more than 1 artifact weapon – when can you do it, and how viable is it to maintain 2 artifacts?

And a whole bunch of other related questions…

(I understand these are probably difficult questions to answer in beta – I’m hoping some can be, though!)

This follows on from my previous point. Like I said, I much prefer levelling as elemental, but I would need my artifact weapon to be raid ready for healing.

This comment was made during one of the Darkmoon Faire interviews at Blizzcon:


Ok, yes we can have 2 artifacts, but they will never be equal. I can absolutely deal with that. It’s the same situation with my legendary ring at the moment – my healer ring has been upgraded every time it could have been; my dps ring hasn’t been upgraded at all. It doesn’t need to be because I level and do dailies only as ele, whereas my healer ring, well that’s where I save lives! I need that to be as strong as possible.

My real question is, if I were to level as elemental with the elemental artifact weapon, would I have enough time to get the resotration artifact weapon and level it up to be raid ready in time for the first raid that opens?

Am I able to get my elemental artifact and my restoration artifact immediately after? (i.e. essentially have both artifacts while I’m levelling?) Or do I have to wait until I’m 110, or some other point in time in the levelling process?

If I can get them at pretty much the same time, am I able to choose which artifact gets the upgrades, or will it default to what spec I am in at the time?

Again, loads of questions and some that are probably tricky to answer, but they do dictate how I’m going to level and play the game overall.

What is group composition like now with all of the class changes that have happened?

In particular, how melee heavy is group make up?

I’m coming at this from a raid leader’s point of view and wondering how much I need to worry about there being too many melee players in a team now. Does it really matter or have things kind of balanced themselves out?

I’m also curious about how the healer changes will affect group composition, too. With holy paladins moving closer to melee range, mistweaver monks coming out and holy priests being somewhere in between, how does that change how the groups are made up? Or does it not make much of a difference?

That one is difficult to test without raid testing having started. Though I am also curious about how the healer changes are playing out in the dungeons that can be tested right now, so there may be some information available.


So these are my initial thoughts so far about what I’d like to see tested out. This is in addition to the usual “How have professions changes?” and “oh god how do I play my class again??!” questions.

If you are a Beta tester and any of the above are things you’d be keen to test out, I’d love to hear your feedback! If you’re not a tester, what are you wanting to see tested?

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