Celestial Tournament complete!

Today I finished the last battle in the Celestial Tournament! It took me awhile, but I got there in the end. I doubt that it will happen, but it would be nice if there was another similar type tournament in Legion. I like this PVE-style of pet battling, where it’s just me against a series of pets. (I’m really not a fan of the PVP pet battling at all!)

All in all, it took a LOT of work to get through all of this, and an awful lot of patience. But it was worth it. All 4 of the pets are gorgeous and unique and I love them.

If you’re interested in taking on the Celestial Tournament, you’ll need 15 pets at maximum level just to enter, and a lot more than that to be able to complete the fights. In the end there were 2 guides that I used, both from wowhead. The first, and the one I used the most, is the A Pet Battler’s Guide to: Defeating the Celestial Tournament. I found this guide really useful because it has multiple stats, and best of all offers a series of alternative pet options if you don’t have what the guide suggests. The second guide I used is Celestial Tournament with 18 pets. I only found this guide towards the end of my attempts, but it has some great strats for the Celestials themselves. The guide does make use of the “healing pets up” strat where you have a pet with an AoE who can heal up any pets who haven’t died. The guide explains it well, and it works well, too. I used it as a backup for any strats that didn’t work out for me in the first guide. Both guides are great, so check them out!

I took all 4 of my little pets around to their parents’ temples for a visit and to get some family pics. 🙂

Best of all, this ticks off another item from my bucket list!

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  1. It’s on the list! | cinder says Avatar

    […] never went back for the last two pets. So I’d like to get both of those. All done! I now have all four Celestial Pets, and they are […]


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