A winner is ME!

This week I found out I was the lucky winner of a competition Skog was holding on twitter. I won myself a new twitter banner and a wallpaper! And I am in LOVE with them. And as an extra special bonus, he made an animated version of the wallpaper that loops!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I absolutely love what Skog has put together – it’s so far beyond what I was expecting. I think Cinder looks so great in these. She looks so fiercely protective in her healing one, and a little bit happy (in an evil way) in her elemental one. It’s just how I see both sides of her.

If you want some awesome work done yourself, Skog can be found on twitter @SkogDesigns and his commissions are currently OPEN. Check out his website for more samples of his work and to set up a commission – http://skogdesign.weebly.com

I made slightly smaller versions to share with you – check them out!

My restoration twitter banner
Cinderwallpaper by Skog Designs smaller
My elemental wallpaper

And a preview of the animated version is here (unfortunately I can’t upload videos here myself):

If I ever decide to stream I’m prepared! 😉


I am a very, very fortunate person indeed! Thank you, Skog!!

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