Field Photographer

Today I finally got off my butt and did the Field Photographer achievement. I had been putting it off for the longest time because I wanted to be smart about it and not waste my time zigzagging all over Azeroth. Then I came across this splendid guide on wowhead – It has both a text version and a version with the locations marked on maps, which was immensely helpful to me.

So of course the first thing I did was make myself a new transmog for the journey. With that done, off Cinderstorm went to explore the world.

You know what? It was the best. It really was. I got to see places I hadn’t seen in ages, and in some cases I hadn’t even seen at all. I had the music playing while I was flying and it was so nice to hear the different pieces as I moved through the world. I really love this game – it is so, so beautiful.

To me, this was a day well spent. 🙂

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  1. It’s on the list! – cinder says Avatar

    […] Field Photographer achievement This one is pretty straight forward. My biggest issue though is that my geography is terrible! I don’t know where anything is in game, so I spend a lot of time looking things up. It makes for a very slow process, made even slower by the fact that I’d take the longest way to get places. It would be nice if there were an addon to assist with this. In lieu of that, I just need to sit down and do the research of where I need to take the selfies and make a plan. This ended up being a really lovely achievement to get. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was made so much easier by a guide someone put together on wowhead. Check out all the pics! […]


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