Can I just take a minute to say how absolutely AMAZING Legion has been so far? And look how darn beautiful it is!


This is (obviously) only a handful of the screenshots I’ve taken over the past few days. I’m blown away by how beautiful everything in the game is, and wanted to share my love and appreciation.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Legion time!




8 thoughts on “I LOVE THIS GAME!!

  1. I’m absolutely in love with the start of this expac that’s for sure.
    The zones are gorgeous. The quest stories are so well done and there is so much hidden in the world to find.
    I clicked on a boat last night and got rowed about in a lake by an undead npc. That sort of thing is utterly awesome.
    I can and will bury myself in this expac for a long time!

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    1. I’m really enjoying the element of surprise that I’m experiencing. I’ll mine a node and randomly spawn a beast that I kill who gives me a pattern. Or I’ll wander down a path and there’s a lonely npc offering me a quest that gives me a toy. It’s incredible and I’m loving it all so much!


      1. The exploring is what is getting me entranced. I’m taking Z all over the place just to see what is around the next corner or on top of the hill up there ( and then I’m jumping off – love displacer beast to let me jump off high places but OMG I can’t wait to bring a demon hunter through so I can actually fly off the cliffs). I thought I loved MOP but Legion is just gorgeous.

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  2. I agree with you! Everything has been great so far. The zones are so beautiful and the quests are fun and interesting. I want to explore everything and I want to level an alt so I can do some of the quests again 😀

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