On the US election

It’s been quiet around here lately – I apologise for that. Initially it was due to my partner ending up in emergency and needing surgery that kept me away from my blog for awhile. Then, when I sat down to write yesterday, the election was happening, and I watched a country unravel, and I watched my friends get more and more terrified. We could feel it from here in Australia. Our hearts wrenched with yours.

Now, it seems awkward to talk about anything that’s not related to the election. It feels like there’s a grieving process happening right now, and talking about anything else would be disrespectful. People are hurting. People are afraid. This election result has seen the darkest anxieties come to life – the fear of being persecuted, of being made to feel “less than”, of being hunted, seems like a reality. And it’s hard not to feel completely weighed down by the feeling.

But you need to get up. Breathe. Take a step. Then another. Keep going. Keep breathing.

Because you know what the best part of this situation is? You are not alone. Everyone is in this together. You can see plain as day that you are not alone – there are millions of people who voted with you. There are hundreds of millions more people around the world supporting you. My twitter feed has been bombarded with messages of love and support for those who are afraid and upset and who feel alone. You’re not alone. Find each other. Stand together. Keep going. Keep breathing. The world needs you. The world wants you here. People around the globe are watching, and we’ve got your backs, America.

Keep going. Keep breathing.

Please be good and kind to each other. If this outcome was what you wanted, accept your win graciously, and recognise that many people are afraid of what may happen to them because of this result. If this outcome was not what you wanted, please remember we are all human beings, and recognise that people wanted change and saw this as the way to achieve it. There are ways that everyone can work together. But that can’t happen if you’re laying down.

Get up. Breathe. Keep going.

You are not alone. You can do this.


Tomorrow I will be returning to my regular gaming posts because, I too, need to keep going. My heart is aching for my friends, and I could fall down the ditch. But I don’t want to. So I will be here, putting my little drop into the Blizzard gaming community so that people have somewhere to go if they need it.

Much love to you all.


2 responses to “On the US election”

  1. Zeirah Avatar

    What I think the outcome of the election shows more clearly than anything that passiveness is the issue at hand and what needs to be addressed The amount of people that didn’t turn out to vote was as great as the amount that did. And it’s the passiveness that should be the terrifying thought, not the fact that Trump was voted in.

    Because when it comes down it it, Trump and his crackbrained policies stem from just one person, and his policies need to make it through a checklist of other politicians and ultimately through the people of America themselves. And unfortuantly if so many people are to passive to stand up and be counted, then there is always a chance Trump might get some of his ridiculous notions through his parliament. But parliaments and presidents can be overturned, persecution and harebrained policies can be refused and rejected as long as enough people are prepared to stand up and have their voice heard.

    On the snarky side I have in me though.. I hope that the only people complaining about the side that one are actually the people that went and voted – because if you didn’t care enough to make sure your vote counted, you sure as heck don’t deserve to complain about the outcome, because you had a chance.
    And I also feel the world’s media has a great deal to answer to for working to cause a moral panic about the end of the world and the pure evil that is about to unfurl because it comes right back down to – one person only has power if the rest of the people give it to them. Maybe note that no matter how powerful the perception is, even a president can’t do a thing if there isn’t a passive population behind him.

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    1. Marathal Avatar

      I saw on the news this morning that Colin Kapernick, sorry if misspelled, told a reporter that he did not vote. And saw someone lay into him saying that he does not get to say anything more. If he did not take the few minutes to place a vote, to vote for a change, to give merit to what he is protesting? Yep. He’s part of the problem.

      I see someone has already started analyzing voting results. And those that voted Trump were pretty much how they expected. Even a slightly lower turnout for numbers. The difference was all those, some 10 million voters, that did not show up. Never never assume an election is in the bag.

      Too much grandstanding on TV, shouting on social media. Lots of saber rattling. But so many did not do one simple thing. Vote.

      It is what it is. We have the outcome for 4 years, unless he does something really stupid. Or if my crazy theory I wrote this morning comes to pass.

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