Classy! part 2

One of my goals during the summer down time has been to unlock all of my class halls and get the first artifact for all of my toons. Yesterday, I finished that. My long term goal is to complete all class Order Hall Campaigns to earn the feat of strength, A Legendary Campaign.


This is part 2, covering Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior. Part 1 can be found here

~*~*~*~*~*~ May be slight spoilers below (especially the warlock one!)
– proceed at your own risk! ~*~*~*~*~*~

Paladin – Cinderdawn

By the light…

My paladin was the 3rd toon I started to level. I wrote about this experience in detail in a recent post – Oh holy… paladin, so if you’re curious about a detailed run down of my experience there, check it out.

I will say though, that getting Ashbringer really was an emotional experience. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t really played a paladin for a long time. I do suggest those who are unhappy with certain events on the Broken Shore do the Ashbringer quest. you might be less annoyed.

The only thing I’m disappointed with in the class hall is my tier set racks – I should have had at least 3 on there that aren’t there. I do wish there was an add-on to help me figure out what pieces I’m missing. I don’t want to go get them all again “just in case”. But anyway, Paladin class hall – check it out! It really is quite beautiful, and has great story to unlock it.

Priest – Cindersoul

*tinkle jingle jangle*

I started levelling Cindersoul after a bad raid night. My priest is on the Horde side, and I wanted to check out the story as the Horde see it. I also wanted to hang out with some of my ex-guildies, so it was all a nice excuse. What’s not nice is being back on a pvp server. But that’s another story.

I had spent some time trying to figure out how I would level my priest – did I go for the fastest option with the strongest dps and choose shadow, or go for the prettier artifact weapon and choose Discipline. I went for Shadow (and to be honest have regretted it since). So off I went. I didn’t take a lot of screenshots of getting the Blade of the Black Empire, but the quest itself was quite interesting (even if quite similar to the Holy Paladin one, if beta memory serves me correctly). It’s also another quest line that made me feel… well, dodgy to say the least. If I had the choice, I probably would have said ‘no’ to some parts of it. Which is really what the darkness in Shadow Priests is all about.

Netherlight Temple is as stunning as you would expect a priest hall to be. It is full of beautiful golden light – even in the shadow areas. It’s the perfect balance between light and shadow, and I love it. It was also a great experience getting to open up the hall. I felt like my contribution to the opening of the hall really mattered, and seeing the lasting effects of it there afterwards really helps me feel a connection to the place. Maybe it’s just because I have a soft spot for the Naaru … I just love their tinkly sounds 🙂

Once I get to 102 I’ll head off to get the Discipline artifact straight away, to see if I like that better. I’m just not feeling Shadow at the moment. (Though take that with a grain of salt – I don’t play priest very well either!)

Rogue – Cinderona

Enter a caption

This one was a big deal for me. I have never had a rogue before. I have tried levelling them in the past, but never got anywhere with them. I hadn’t used my free boost that I got with Legion, but even then, even not having to pay for it, I was wary of creating a Rogue. I am extremely grateful that Blizzard have implemented the Class Trial functionality. It gave me the opportunity to try out rogue to see if I liked it (or in my case, could tolerate it enough to level up with, even if I don’t do anything with it again). Turns out… well, I actually quite liked playing a rogue. The class trial starts you off as assassination, and slowly introduces you different abilities, explaining how they work and letting you test them. I kinda wish it was available for all classes (even those you started awhile ago… I forget things!!)

When we arrive in Dalaran we are immediately taken to our Order Hall, which lies underneath Dalaran. I like the secrecy of it – the hidden doors around the city that only you have access to. But I’m not a huge fan of the hall itself. Though it does feel very “rogue-y”. And it does suit my new rogue.

Once there, I’m sent off to get my artifact – The Kingslayers – from my namesake, Garona. I had decided to stick with Assassination for the time being, and seeing the quest involved Garona… well it was a no brainer for me. I loved that I got to hang out with her again! Now that I know a bit more about her and what happened to her, I have quite the soft spot for Garona. After a bit of initial investigating, we meet up with Garona just outside of Stormwind. What follows is definitely one of the more unique artifact quest lines, and definitely one of my favourites! Although I have to admit, there’s something a little morbid about picking up ties Kingslayers in Stormwind Keep…

Shaman – Cinderstorm


Given my shaman is my main, you only need to look back in past entries to find out my thoughts about getting all 3 artifacts. You can read about these in a bit of detail in this earlier post – For Azeroth! (part 1) (I really need to finish writing that series of posts…)

Having done a fair few artifact quest lines now, I’ve found the 3 shaman quests the most unique so far. Maybe that will change when I do other quest lines (I wonder if Windwalker Monk will be similar to Elemental Shaman?), but for now, they’re pretty great on their own.

As for the Heart of Azeroth as a class hall… well, I still think it’s beautiful.

I do feel, though, that it is missing some of the detail that has gone into other class halls. For example – there’s nowhere for anyone to sit. Sounds like a stupid thing, but all other class halls I’ve seen have had little break away areas for people to sit or rest and chat. Shamans just sit on the cold rocky floor. There’s also no hidden away places – what you see is what you get. But visually it’s beautiful, and I will never get tired of hearing those waves crashing on the rocks. So I’m happy.

Warlock – Cinderanged


Warlocks really are quite grim, aren’t they? Another toon for my Horde side, my warlock and I have a love hate relationship. I just can’t seem to gel well with warlocks. I keep trying, because the evil side of me just loves having power to control evil things to make them do things they don’t want to do… but I never do it well.

This did have an upside, though – it meant that I wasn’t so attached to a particular spec that I was locked into picking up my first artifact. This meant I could choose the one I wanted. So I went with the prettiest – the Scepter of Sargeras.

The artifact acquisition and class hall opening are quite tightly linked, which I liked a lot. And I had a little demon buddy, Calydus to help me out. Getting the Scepter was easily one of the most terrifying quest lines of all. I mean, REALLY terrifying. And as a warlock we do some dark shit. It’s really messed up. But again, it suits the class. And the evil side of me jus loved it.

I don’t know what the other artifact quests are like yet for warlocks, but this one was brilliant, and I highly recommend it.

As for the class hall – it’s grim and demonic and everything you would expect from a warlock space. It’s also huge and a bloody maze and I have no idea where anything is. But it’s very cool. And very green.

Warrior – Cindersif


I made my warrior during the pre-Legion event when all the experience was crazy good. As such, Cindersif has done very few quests (although her gear is good thanks to the gear drops from the event!) While I was levelling her, I got quite attached to Fury. I love heroic leap! It’s incredibly satisfying to cast. So that’s the spec I went with for my first artifact. And who doesn’t love Brostorm?! 😉

Can I just say – I really love my dwarf. I’ve never played a dwarf character before, as I haven’t really gelled well with them. But as a warrior… well, Cindersif is brilliant. She is small but mighty and I love her! Maybe it’s the fighting animations and the model updates – who knows. But dwarf warrior is best warrior!

I quite enjoyed unlocking Skyhold as a class hall. I think if I had have unlocked this as my first class hall when Legion first came out I would have been a lot more blown away by it than I am now. Now, I have run Halls of Valor too many times, and Trials of Valor hurts my heart, so in some ways it’s lost a little of its sheen for me. But that’s not to say that it’s not a wonderful class hall. It has everything a warrior hall would need – giant forges, miles long feasts, and mostly naked gold men roaming around (there’s something unsettling about those gold men!!)

Once we have arrived at Skyhold, we’re sent off to get our artifact weapon. The fury weapon was not bad. It wasn’t overly exciting, to be honest, but it was still good and interesting. And I got to yell at Helya a bit which is always fun! 🙂 The artifact ability has a brilliant animation (see main Cindersif pic above) that looks so strong and powerful – it makes you feel like you’re wrecking everything in sight. Most satisfying!

Last thoughts

I’m glad I’ve had the time to do this, and see each of the class halls and the start of their campaigns. My trouble still remains – I don’t know what to level next. Should I be practical and level an alt who can help with raid mats? Or do I level a toon who looks to have an interesting campaign?

As for favourites, this is hard. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t just choose one. So I think top 3 class halls (in no particular order!) would have to be…

  • Druid
  • Shaman
  • Paladin/Mage

Top 3 artifact quest lines (so far!!), again in no particular order, would be…

  • Assassination rogue
  • Restoration shaman / Enhancement shaman
  • Destruction warlock

Ok maybe I’m a little biased with the shaman stuff.. but I really do like it all!

So those have been my class adventures so far! Which has been your favourite?

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