Pit Crew, assemble!

In my last post I mentioned there had been a bunch of guild drama that had happened recently, and I tweeted last week about the guild ending. It’s sure has been a busy time!

I don’t like to talk negatively about other people or anything, so I’m not here to bitch about individuals. But I did want to talk a little about some of the things that lead to the situation, and what’s happening moving forward.

The thing about guilds for people like myself who play a fair bit, is that (regardless of how completely naff it sounds!) they are like the family you choose to hang around with. You spend a lot of time with them – they’re there to run world quests with or pvp with or raid with; they were probably there when you had that sneaky log in on Christmas day to pick up the presents underneath the Winter Veil tree, and they were there when you logged in, hungover, on New Years day. And even if you don’t actively play with all of your guild mates, they are the ones who are there to congratulate you when you ding your achievements you’ve been working so hard on, or when you get that rare mount or legendary – they’re there to beg you for it (but also cheer you on!).

At least, that’s what being in a guild has always meant to me. And judging by recent events, it’s a shared perception held by many.

But what happens if this isn’t what your guild is like? What if  your guild doesn’t cheer each other on? What if they have different priorities to you in game? What if your personalities completely clash?

This is essentially what happened with the previous guild. One of the troubles with having quite a few people in a guild and raid team, is that you’re a little more likely to come across people who have different personalities to you. I think this was one of the bigger issues that I personally had with the old guild. I don’t understand why people just don’t be nice to each other, or just not be dicks to one another. I mean yes, I can be a bitch at the best of times, but I don’t like to bring other people down just for the hell of it. And there was a fair bit of that around, especially towards the end. Maybe it’s the old lady in me, but the way I see it, WoW is my hide-away from the rest of the world. And I as it stands, there’s already too much negativity and hatred out in the real world – it doesn’t need to be in game.

Another big factor (and this was a main factor for many other people) was a different approach to raiding. There was a big divide in the raid team about what the highest priority should be for a fight. One side felt that mechanics first was the way to go, and the other side felt pumping out the best dps etc. was the best approach. It’s probably easy to figure out which side I fell on (all about the mechanics, baby!). It’s a difficult divide to resolve, especially when it’s split so evenly between players.

So between those 2 main factors (and a few other bits and pieces), it was decided that the raid team would end and the guild would cease to be.

This led to the next issue – what about raiding? What about a new guild? What do I do? Pretty quickly a new guild was formed that consisted of the people who all had the same feeling and approach to raiding. One by one people came on board for a new team that was all about focussing on the mechanics of fights, having a good time, and focusing on a more mature approach to the game. Pit Crew was born.

To me, this split has been the best thing for everyone. From what I can tell, everyone in the old guild has already found a new home, which is really great. What this whole experience has showed me, is that it’s just so important to be happy where you are, and happy with the people you are spending time with. I’m sure people who have moved on will be relieved to stop hearing me going on about running away from things instead of standing in them for extra dps, and vice versa. I think this is a good outcome for everyone. And I genuinely hope everyone is a lot happier.

New beginnings – Pit Crew heading in to Nighthold for the first time.

We hit a few things together last Sunday night, but didn’t really do a lot. Our first real raid night was Wednesday, as we headed into the Nighthold to take down Gul’dan.

Here’s hoping for a long and kick ass raiding future for us 🙂

3 responses to “Pit Crew, assemble!”

  1. Navimie Avatar

    I hope it goes well!


    1. Navimie Avatar

      Though I just read the date on that… I’m sure it has been going well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cinder Avatar

        Thanks lovely. It’s been going alright! Just numbers, as is always the way. Hope you guys are doing alright. *hugs*


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