Z and cinder’s blog challenge topic 10: favourite world quest

My lovely friend Zeirah and I have turned our weekly blog challenge into a public blog challenge for anyone to participate in. Each week there is a new topic for everyone to write about and share. This week’s topic is “How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?”, and you can read everyone’s thoughts about this on our website here. Z’s post about this topic can be found right here.

Argh life has a really annoying way of getting in the way of things, doesn’t it? It’s been a stupid busy week. So stupid, in fact, that I’m a whole week late with this blog challenge. Epic fails!

So, world quests. I personally love world quests. The main reason being that I just love being able to choose to do the quests that give me the rewards I want. If I want artifact power, I know exactly where to go and which quests to do to get that artifact power. Same for gold or missions that give me crafting mats or Blood of Sargeras. Add to that the fact that there’s legendary chance from the daily emissary quests (which I have had happen to me!) and they become even more appealing.

I also really enjoy being able to go back to zones that I enjoyed whilst levelling up, and continuing the story there a bit. Or even better – I go where a world quest is, and find that there’s actually a series of side quests that I never did while I was levelling! (See this post about my favourite quest!)

It’s fantastic! So in general I’m a really happy person when it comes to world quests.

As for my favourites, well I just love the funny and quirky ones. A lot of them seem to be for fishing… hehe There’s the one where you ride around on rocket boots spearing fish…

I got one!!

…and then there’s this one I got to do for the first time the other day, where we fish up our catch by bombing them right out of the water! It’s utterly ridiculous, but I love it.


And as much as they drive me completely up the wall, I actually really love the Kirin Tor world quests. I love puzzles! (Although the Barrels of Fun isn’t really so fun for me. And I refuse to use the add-on because I’m stubborn!!) I really love the bubble ones, especially this one in Stormheim. Everything is so pretty way up high!

I feel like I’m in LotR…

Believe it or not, I’ve also been doing the pvp world quests. The mount and pet are very good motivators, as is the gear! Even though I don’t really need the gear, it’s another transmog set 😀 So I try to do them as often as I can. And they’re actually not too bad at all. Levelling up my pvp talents feels really rewarding the way they’ve done it.

So those are my favourite world quests – what are yours?



4 responses to “Z and cinder’s blog challenge topic 10: favourite world quest”

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  2. AnnInWonderland Avatar

    I also enjoy the funny and quirky ones but the one with bombing fishies made me feel so bad for the fishies! Not only we catch them and eat them, now we’re bombing them? Poor fishies 😦 But the one with rocket boots and a spear was amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      hehe I wouldn’t do either IRL, it’s just amusing the way these cheeky goblins come up with to catch fish.

      Liked by 1 person

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