Hidden mages

As usual, my mage was one of the first alts I levelled once I had a spare moment to do so. I do like my mage a lot – she was my first ever toon, and the first toon I raided with, too. She’s been a whole bunch of different races and has dabbled with both factions. Right now she’s back to being a human named Cinderlily (named after Lily Potter). I keep switching between the 3 specs because I can’t decide which I like better. So naturally I had to get the appearance for all 3 specs! And today I got the last one I needed.

~*~*~*~*~ SPOILERS AHEAD ~*~*~*~*~


My arcane appearance was the first one I got. I was so unbelievably lucky with getting this one. I had just ported into the Mage Order Hall when a little dialogue popped up saying something about a Volatile Sheep. I frantically searched for it but couldn’t find it, only to remember that I hadn’t done all the bits before that part of the acquisition anyway. (the dialogue pop up is a bug – it will pop up for almost everyone in the order hall when someone else gets it). I decided right then and there that I needed to go get started on that appearance because I’d probably have a long time to wait.

I went and found the guide on wowhead, then trotted off around the Broken Isles polymorphing everyone I needed to. From there it would be RNG, but that was ok, at least I’d started the process. I figured I’d be in for a bit of a wait. So you can imagine my surprise when only a few days later the volatile sheep spawned for me! I was so excited! I clicked him until he exploded (HILARIOUS!! So bummed I didn’t get a pic of it exploding, though…)

This is what it looks like with RNG smiles upon you and the Extremely Volatile Sheep spawns for you in your Order Hall.
This is what it looks like with RNG smiles upon you and the Extremely Volatile Sheep spawns for you in your Order Hall.

Then it was off to Stormheim to find the next Volatile sheep to click on. There are loads of places this little guy might be hiding, but RNG was my friend again, and there he was, right near the Valdisdall flight path!

The sheep are getting angry now...
The sheep are getting angry now… Except silly me didn’t get a pic of the sheep AGAIN!!! (I was just so darn excited)

The next part of the chain takes you Elwynn Forest. What follows is an absolutely hilarious series of events. For me, this bugged out – RNG had blessed me enough that day, and the scenario would not trigger. Thankfully everything worked out after the server reset and I was able to to complete the quest. It really made me laugh so much!!

At the end of it, I got my sheep staff!

One sheep staff acquired!

Of course I immediately had to test it out and sheeped a nearby wolf. The sheep burst into life and quite literally screamed. I laughed until I cried – it’s SO damn funny!!

Of course I had to make a new transmog to match my “shepherd” ways, so here’s my Farmer Cinderlily transmog 🙂



The second appearance that dropped for me was the fire appearance. This one is hands down one of my most favourite artifact appearances in game out of all of them. I love it! It’s relatively easy to get, in that it’s a random drop from mobs in Suramar. I didn’t go out of my way to farm it – I figured if I didn’t have it by the time I Was done with the Suramar story line that I’d spend some time farming it after that. But as luck would have it, I didn’t need to do that. The appearance dropped off a random mob while I was cleaning out Thalyssra’s house.

I made sure I was in a safe place to learn it (and in fire spec, of course!)

Look how beautiful it is! 


The frost artifact is one of the more frustrating appearances to try and get. Like the arcane one, there’s only 1 chance per day that you can get this by being in certain places in your order hall. For the frost appearance it’s running down the stairs to your mission map. I had been tracking this appearance chance every day for a really long time – it was the first one that I wanted to get, but was not having any luck with it.

Then today, whilst chatting away with Z, I zoned into my order hall, ran down the stairs… and there it was! The summons. I went through a portal and ended up in Frostfire Ridge where I was given the frost appearance. ❤

The Frost hidden artifact appearance. 

I just love the blue and fire together – is so beautiful!

So the hunting for my hidden mage appearances is now complete. I still don’t have all 3 on my shaman yet (the restoration one just doesn’t exist!)

I’m not sure what to work on next… I might go a little crazy and try for the Corrupted Ashbringer! 😀

3 responses to “Hidden mages”

  1. kamaliaetalia Avatar


    I’m looking forward to getting the Fire and Arcane Hidden appearances. Not sure if I’m going to chase after the Frost one, though. I’m glad that you got the Fire one just by progressing through Suramar normally and didn’t have to “go back and farm” to get it. That gives me hope that I can get it the same way:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      The Frost one just meant I had to go to my order hall each day – wasn’t too drastic, so I was ok with that.
      Good luck getting your appearances! 😀


  2. thebmatt Avatar

    Yeah I STILL haven’t gotten the Fire sword to drop….or the elemental appearance either. You know, the two specs I CO-MAIN. Yes I have the appearances for the other specs. Well, not Resto, but I don’t heal so I’m not interested in that one. But Frost, Arcane, and Enhancement, SURE THOSE SHOWED UP NO PROBLEM.

    I’m not salty I swear.


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