Sunday suckfest

I’ve spent a bit of time this weekend attempting the mage tower artifact challenge yet again. I put in about an hour or 2 each time the tower is up in an attempt to get the artifact appearance that I have been wanting since I first saw it on beta.

This weekend I got the closest I’ve ever been to getting it done – up to the very last boss – before I failed miserably. I’m progressing a little more each time. Truth be told, I was sure I’d get it this weekend. I was able to get through the first stage easily each time I tried yesterday, and everything that I had read and watched for Resto shamans indicated that the first phase was the hardest for us. So I felt really good being able to push through that multiple times.

But such is the way when you’re unwell, I had to stop and rest when I was on a roll yesterday. I figured it would be ok, I’d be able to pick things up again today, (Sunday) and get it done. I felt even more confident about it because I had managed to get my 52nd trait last night, which unlocked the final new Concordance trait (woot!). I also managed to pick up a few great pieces during our heroic farm clear last night, including a tier helm that managed to titanforge AND have a socket! This was really great news because the only gem slots I had in my gear were on a couple of legendaries, meaning I was locked in to having one or 2 set legendaries so I could have the 200+stat gem. But now, I can have that in my tier helm, and can swap through whatever legendaries I like. Huzzah!!

Anyway, given all of that, I had another crack at the challenge this afternoon and I *sucked*. Like, terribly. I don’t know what was going on, but I just couldn’t push through that first phase again. So I’m sitting here sulking and feeling sorry for myself. I only gave it half an hour because I just wasn’t doing any better. I’m just marvelling at how one day I can be doing brilliantly, and the next, sucking super hard. Here’s hoping after dinner I pull my shit together, because we’re onto Mythic Gul’dan progression now! SO exciting!!


Anyways, this was just a bit of a ramble really. Just reflecting a bit on how much my performance can change based on how I’m feeling.

5 responses to “Sunday suckfest”

  1. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    Chin up! It is supposed to be hard and suck, you’ll get it. All that practice will pay off and, someday, you’ll say “that was easy!”
    Grats on Concordance, that is a milestone to achieve.

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    1. Cinder Avatar

      Oh I’m fine with it being difficult! I was just disappointed in myself. I’m not going to stop trying- im determined/stubborn 😊
      And thanks for the grats. It sure is a big relief to be “done” with it for my Resto weapon.


  2. Marathal Avatar

    After this week, which was my 4th attempt, I won’t be going back for just an appearance


    1. Cinder Avatar

      That’s fair enough. I love mine too much to not do it. For me, I love that it’s difficult- it’s going to make the victory that much sweeter.

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  3. wowstorylines Avatar

    We all have off days and sometimes, the computer gods smile on us and some days they give us their other faces. I know your frustration well.

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