Mythic Gul’doooowwwwwwwn!!!!

Well, it took us three weeks, lots of tears, frustration, swearing and hysteria, but we did it – Mythic Gul’dan is defeated! We got our Cutting Edge achievement, and new title Vengeance Incarnate. And my partner, Thor, was very lucky and won the mount (it looks AWESOME!!)


I’m even more excited about this because we came into Nighthold as a new guild. As many of you know, we’d had some dramas with the last guild and it disbanded, leaving everyone to go their separate ways. A bunch of us like-minded types ended up forming a new guild – Pit Crew. And we worked our butts off to recruit like mad and build a great team.

Working on Gu’dan himself was an adventure in patience. We had a lot of PC and internet issues (including my computer absolutely packing it in in the middle of a pull last night), some attendance issues of key players, and a general issue with being numpties sometimes. But we got there. And we got there by one-shotting him on our first pull of the evening tonight! We all were laughing and cheering at the end – it was awesome.

Our clicker hunter (he clicks to play… we’re all baffled, but he does it very well!!) caught it all on stream. You can find Tombstone’s stream at

I’ve uploaded a copy of it to my YouTube channel so you can all see it here. The good bits come in at the end around 12 mins where our rogue starts getting excited and says “Fuck yeah bois! … and girl!” I cracked up. 😀 (please excuse my dodgy attempt at making this presentable for youtube! I have no real editing software for fancy intros and stuff, so just did the best I could.)

We need to get as many people in who missed out on the kill tonight in for it next week so they can also get the achievement.

Anyway, we are all so excited to have gotten him down. Now to start getting ready for Tomb of Sargeras!!


6 responses to “Mythic Gul’doooowwwwwwwn!!!!”

  1. wowstorylines Avatar

    Congratz to you and your group!! Awesome job.

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    1. Cinder Avatar

      Thanks so much! It’s a darn good feeling 🙂

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  2. Alunaria Avatar

    Oh, congratulations! Gosh, the rush of accomplishing such things, how I miss it.

    Thank you for sharing the video, that was a great watch 😀 I was surprised there wasn’t more excited yelling at the end, hah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      There was, I just cut it off because there were some super rude bits that were a bit naughty lol
      We were all in a super high the rest of the night- was awesome!

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  3. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    Super grats! A dream come true and fun effort rewarded!

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    1. Alunaria Avatar

      I missed your response here, sorry! Hah, I imagine that, makes sense.
      Oh, I can remember it so well!

      Just getting up from ones chair and do a little dance and all, being high on the kill 😛 Good times.


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