Art featuring Cinder

Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to collect a number of beautiful pieces of artwork featuring Cinderstorm. These have been commissioned, or in very lucky situations, were won in competitions. Each artist has brought something unique to how they’ve captured my shaman, and I love them all! Check out the gallery below to see all the pics. Links to each artist are available on the pic.

2 responses to “Art featuring Cinder”

  1. It’s about time! | cinder says Avatar

    […] Art featuring Cinder […]


  2. CINDER & THOR IN THE USA – BlizzCon part 1 – Con Before the Storm | cinder says Avatar

    […] gave them some Tim Tams (I was stoked to meet Eggu! A few years ago I won a competition where she drew my shaman! It was lovely to thank her in person for that). All of the artists were wonderful, and we may have […]


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