For the past few weeks/months a few people in guild have been trying to get a group together to work on getting The Chosen achievement. For this achievement, you need to complete the Trial of Valor on mythic difficulty without dying. That is, defeating Odyn, Guarm and Helya on mythic, and still being alive at the end of it to tell the tale.

We decided to try this when we outgeared it a fair bit, to give us a better chance of succeeding. Which brings us to today. Tonight was the 3rd night we had tried to complete (my second night, as I missed the first one). Most of the time people died to silly mechanics like orbs on Helya which, even with loads of gear, can one-shot people if they’re not careful.

Tonight, we lost one person to Guarm (I believe they just got a bit too close to the boss and got one-shot), and we lost another to Helya (got hit by an orb that hurt for a bucket load). 18/20 isn’t too bad, though!


From this achievement, we received the title “… the Chosen” and a transmog set. I’m not the biggest fan of the transmog set, to be honest. But you know me and transmog- got to have them all!


For me, it was more about getting that title. I’ve wanted it since I heard it, and am awfully glad to have gotten it. There will be more runs in the future for alts to get the transmog sets on other armour types… I’ve just got to decide which one I want next! 🙂


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4 responses to “Chosen”

  1. Alunaria Avatar

    Oh, congratulations! I have my eye on that title too, it is nice to have 🙂 I am running around with the Immortal still, but I remember how difficult it was to obtain, especially since everyone in your entire team had to make it through alive!

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    1. Cinder Avatar

      This achievement kind of mirrors The Immortal achievement, but is a bit easier because it’s a personal achievement. As long as you stay alive, you can get it! You should definitely try for it! I believe it’s going away once 8.0 comes out.

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  2. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    Fantastic! I love group goals, congrats!

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    1. Cinder Avatar

      Thanks so much! I’m glad, too. 😀 Felt good to get it!

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