A new Cinder

I’ve been working hard since my last post to set everything up for me to get a bit braver and be more serious about my streaming.

Like I mentioned in that post, I’m going to start streaming some non-WoW content. Because of this, I’ve made the decision to move away from having my pandaren shaman be my “face”. It was a tough decision, because my pandaren has really been the embodiment of my personality for almost as long as I’ve played WoW. But that right there was the problem. So much of what I do creatively at the moment has been so focussed on WoW that trying to do something outside of it has been extremely difficult. WoW has been my clutch, and despite it opening so many doors for me in terms of friendships and content creation, it has also been holding me back. So my pandaren had to go.


I thought a while about what I wanted to be outside of my pandaren. I am not even a little bit attractive, so showing my real face and body is out of the question (I do not have the self esteem to deal with that at all). The answer was obvious in the end – a unicorn! Well, a chubby unicorn anyway hehe. While looking for inspiration for what she might look like, I came across the perfect depiction of me. She’s chubby, sassy, and she games. πŸ˜€ There’s actually a whole series that I’ve purchased that depict her in so many different ways. (I can’t wait for Christmas!!!)

I have been madly making graphics and updating everything to have my new unicorn persona. My name won’t change – I’m Cinder now until the day I stop gaming. Despite having only recently revamped by twitch stream, it really didn’t suit the new persona. Thankfully Streamlabs have some really great set ups built in and free to use. I’ve gone all out on this. It has sparkles!!! It might be girly and silly, but I truly don’t care. I’m really having fun with this. I even made new emotes and badges (though I will say this was the hardest part – I really love the totems Sirius made for me).

Here’s a little peek at my twitch page…


Cute, huh?!

I have a friend helping me get a capture card for my PC so that I can hook up our Nintendo Switch and stream some games from there. I also had a look at some games on Steam (and was promptly disgusted at some of the games suggested to me there.) I’m even considering getting Discord Nitro to try out some of the games they have on offer. In the meantime, I’m focusing on getting a proper schedule going, starting tomorrow night. I’ll probably stream some WoW first… might even brave LFR (oh my!).Β Onward and upward! In the meantime, ifΒ  you’re interested in coming to hang out with me while I stream, you can find me here –Β https://twitch.tv/cinder_streams

Anyways, I wanted to share the new Cinder with you all. Hope you like her!



16 thoughts on “A new Cinder

  1. I wish you the best luck ahead on your new path, Cinder πŸ™‚

    Can you share with someone like me, who does not have the time to watch streams or do them, why it all started? Is it another “level” of connecting with people and be social about things, so one sit and chat with them, or? The few times I have seen a fraction of a stream, it seemed that way.

    It looks great πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks lovely πŸ™‚
      People stream for different reasons, really. I initially started streaming because our raid team was so large that people ended up having to sit out. By having the stream up, the people on the bench could still watch what the team was doing, so if they got called in they’d see the strats and know what to expect.
      Now, I keep streaming because it can be fun. It’s nice to have people to chat to while I’m playing my games. We share stories and experiences, or just chat about how our days have been. Just nice to hang out really.

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