Bye Bye, Pandaren

Tomorrow patch 8.1.5 arrives in World of Warcraft, and with it comes the much-anticipated allied races of Kul’Tiran humans and Zandalari trolls (along with a WHOLE bunch of awesome content!) I am beyond excited (as usual) for new WoW content. But I will admit I’m feeling bittersweet.

Since I first learned of the Kul’Tirans being added to the game, I’ve known I wanted to play one. The idea of having a larger sized female model in the game with hips and a butt and a thick waist, who is still strong and powerful was something I couldn’t pass up. I promised myself that if they could be shamans, I would race change my main character to be one. And as luck would have it, shamans were announced at Blizzcon as a class that Kul’Tiran’s can play!

In a way I have been dreading this day for awhile. It sounds melodramatic, but my pandaren shaman was my first toon that I ever really connected with. She has been so good at embodying what I wanted from a character in a game like World of Warcraft. She has been strong, but kind, fierce but lovable. But these aren’t traits that are unique to being a pandaren – they are what I want from a female with curves who isn’t just comic relief or “that fat friend”. So I guess in a way I’m taking this opportunity to make a point.

Maybe it’s stupid to make a statement like this, but right now, for me, it’s important. I need to see a woman in game who kinda looks like me who isn’t a complete mess, who gets up and kicks ass and fights for what she believes in and doesn’t let others’ opinions of her appearance stop her from doing what she wants.

So tomorrow, once I have unlocked the quests, I will log out from my pandaren shaman in the place that made her happiest – her little home at Sunsong Ranch, overlooking the beautiful Valley of the Four Winds.

But for now, it’s time to farewell my pandaren self. Here’s to some amazing moments 🙂

And look, I’m not silly. I know that if I’m too sad not being my pandaren any more, I can always change back. 🙂

Are you creating a new Allied race toon?

20 thoughts on “Bye Bye, Pandaren

  1. I feel the same about race changing my main. I’ve been looking forward to it for months but as it’s coming closer and closer, I am having all kinds of feels. I am still doing it and I’m very excited about it but I’ve played this character for years and change is not always easy for me, even when it’s for the better.
    Fortunately my current race is a human so the change is not that big, I’ll just get curves, scars and a necklace but I’m still planning a little farewell session for today 🙂

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    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way and having a little farewell 🙂 I’m also really bad at change, and a bit part of me is scared that I won’t love her as much as I’ve loved my pandaren. But we can only wait and see.
      I hope you have a lovely farewell. I can’t wait to see your lovely new Kul’Tiran lady tomorrow!

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  2. it was tough when they updated the troll models & i hated the run animation, my hunter was a troll since she was born back in BC.
    for me the model change was the instigator for my hunter to undergo the operation & become a goblin. i am extremely fearful of the 8.2.5 goblin model update cause if they screw it up again, ill have to change again.
    enjoy your change.
    hope all the animation & armour looks are what you are looking for

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    1. Yeah I was worried about armour and animations, but I went on ptr to make sure I was happy, and I am 😊
      But I can definitely understand your fear. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly and your goblin doesn’t change in ways you don’t like.

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  3. I have a Mag’har and a Dark iron girls, the other allied races didn’t hook up with eventually after I leveled them 🙂

    I’m rolling a Kul Tiran girl as soon as it’s available. They’re simply badass. Of course it has nothing to do with identification in my case – what do you know, I’m an asthenic type of guy 184 cm tall who plays mostly gnome girls 🙂

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      1. I’ll spend at least an hour deciding on a class with trial characters first 🙂 My desirable options are Resto/Balance or Brewmaster/Mistweaver, but you never know. It may be an outlaw rogue or a survival hunter, depending on the animations and the whole vibe.

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  4. I myself racechanged during warlords to fit into a community of gnome players on the realm (something that is sorely missed in wow nowadays). I didn’t mind the change at first, in fact I loved the way they looked, and the friends I made in that time still stick to this day, years later.

    However, when I changed back to Pandaren…I just felt at home again, regardless of a community of players around me in the same way that I did beforehand.
    Of course I’m happy for you, and I hope that you have a blast playing her, just…don’t forget us fluffballs, we’re still here ;w;

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    1. Never will forget my fluffball 😊
      My Horde shaman is staying pandaren, and my monk will always be pandaren, too. Can’t get rid of them at all. They are very special to me ❤️

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  5. Aw those screenshots are great!
    I don’t think I’d ever be able to race change my main. I have no issues doing it with alts, but Zuljia has to be a troll. I’ll change two of my other trolls to Zandalari though (and roll a whole bunch of new ones).
    I haven’t unlocked Kul Tirans yet, but as soon as I have they will join my army of alts 😉

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  6. I remember some of these feelings very distinctly. During WoD, I race changed my main of 9 years at that point from Night Elf to Worgen for a crit bonus and a chance to play something different. Being mostly a gameplay-focused person, I didn’t think I would care, but it never felt right and I eventually paid again to change him back (come to think of it, it was the early WoD Night Elf new model animations that also made me want to change, and they corrected them in 6.1 if I recall correctly).

    Having a character that feels like a fit for you is a good feeling, and I think it is good that Blizzard is varying up what you can get out of the character options!

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    1. Yeah I’m keeping that all in mind- I’m really grateful that if this doesn’t work out, I have the option to change back.
      And yes I agree- I’m so glad there is variety in characters in this game!

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  7. “Since I first learned of the Kul’Tirans being added to the game, I’ve known I wanted to play one. The idea of having a larger sized female model in the game with hips and a butt and a thick waist, who is still strong and powerful was something I couldn’t pass up. ”
    Aye aye!
    I’m definitely planning to create a Kul’Tiran Mage (when I get there with my current Alliance leads), and I’d like to try a Kul’Tiran Shaman, too — maybe a Kul’Tiran will “click” for me as an Alliance race that I can play as a Shaman in a way that Draenei just don’t and that I hoped Dwarves would but hasn’t really happened.
    I get the sadness at leaving behind the component of your sense of self that is wrapped up in being Cinder the *Pandaren* Shaman, too. Even when a change will be positive, it’s still melancholy to leave behind a state of being that was comfortable, content, and happy.

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  8. Really loved seeing all the screen shots and hope the change feels right for you! When I changed my main to Horde it was really tough trying to get used to her as Tauren. Back then there was no other option and when Trolls became druids I just could never get over the blue cat form.

    In time I came to love my Tauren and I will always have a soft spot for her but it is so good to finally be back as a Night elf. Character identity is such a strong thing in this game and really impacts our enjoyment even if we are not completely aware of it.

    As you said you can go back but I do hope the new form for Cinder is all you are hoping it to be!

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    1. You are so right- character identity is really important. I think it’s why I love transmog so much too! 😊 It’s also why I struggled so much playing as horde.
      I’m glad you’re back to your roots as a Night Elf.

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