2 weeks to go and the panic is setting in…

It’s amazing how fast time passes. Last time I posted about Blizzcon we were just over 2 months out. Now, it’s 2 weeks and 12 hours before we get on a plane bound for LA.

The anxiety about it all has well and truly set in – and blimey is my brain good at freaking out about the strangest of things…

There’s obviously all the plane-related concerns – missing our flights, getting sick on the plane, missing our connecting flight, landing and not getting through customs and being ordered back to Australia, luggage going missing etc. etc. (and of course, one of the planes crashing).

In LA itself, there’s also obviously the concern of being shot. Now this might seem ridiculous to many people, but living in Australia, it’s just not the norm to see people walking around with guns. It’s definitely something that’s going to niggle the back of my head the whole trip.

We are doing a bit of a road trip after Blizzcon and are hiring a car for it. Right now I have the panic because part of the road trip is in Yosemite, and there’s a chance it could snow. And I can’t get a straight answer as to whether or not the rental place rents chains for the tires, or if they have those all-weather tires that don’t need chains. And of course none of the rental companies have online support so I have to find a time to call them in LA to get an answer. And THAT is another panic all on its own. blergh. Oh and of course driving on the other side of the road isn’t going to be a picnic either. I’m very grateful that Thor will be doing all the driving…

And then there’s Blizzcon itself… one of my biggest concerns about Blizzcon was (and this is going to sound so self-involved) that noone would actually care that I was there. All these people I’m friends with on twitter who I’m so keen to meet in person… what if they don’t want to say hi back? What if they don’t care? I’m such an awkward person, and I really wouldn’t blame them but golly has that been at the top of my worry list. Well, it was until earlier in the week.

The Hong Kong/China/Blizzard situation has brought a whole other level of concern for Blizzcon, with a bunch of protests now planned to happen at Blizzcon itself. I’m not going to be going in to this other than to make two comments:
1. Taliesin’s video about the situation is a very well thought out discussion about the situation, and really sums up how I feel about it all. Watch it here.
2. If someone had said something we *didn’t* agree with, this would be a completely different conversation.

It’s such a complex situation… and a terrible insight in to just how fucked up the world is. I just feel like the problem is so, so much bigger than Blizzard, but they are an easy target… But I *personally* don’t think that Blizzcon is the place for these protests. And I suppose when it comes down to it, if for any reason the protests got out of hand, we are visitors to the country… I dunno, America just scares me a little I suppose… and there’s just no easy answer here 😦

And then there are the really stupid panics that I have. The stupidest one I had was a few weeks ago in a dream. I dreamed we were at Blizzcon watching one of the panels, and something so incredibly amazing got announced and everyone was cheering. And I went to cheer along too…. except my cheers of excitement sounded like a cow in labour (warning – graphic content). And everyone just stared at me as I made this god-awful sound. I couldn’t even cheer properly! What a stupid thing for my brain to be worried about. And yet HERE WE ARE!

If only I were this cute!
( https://unsplash.com/photos/rWkq8xO8F_U )

So clearly my brain is going in to overdrive. There’s a lot to get done in the next two weeks – we need to get the lease on our apartment renewed so that we have a home to come back to, for one! We’ve also got a lot of tidying to do in case they decide to do an inspection while we’re away (and also it’s just so much nicer coming back to a lovely clean home.)

Mostly, though, the next 2 weeks will be packing (and repacking!). We need clothes for all weather. Parts of the trip will have temperatures in the high 20’s/early 30s (celcius!) which is too hot for my liking. But then temperatures at Yosemite look to be in the single digits, and might even snow! So it really is one extreme to the other. Layers will be the key priority for packing 🙂

In the meantime, I’m curious to see what other stupid things my brain can decide to be anxious about over the next 2 weeks!

Cover image from https://unsplash.com/photos/5DTY3_FYaNY

8 responses to “2 weeks to go and the panic is setting in…”

  1. Cymre Avatar

    I’m sure there are many who would be just as excited to meet you in person. Just focus on everything you want to see and do and glad you have someone to experience it all with. Have a blast on your trip and look forward to following your adventure on social media.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cinder Avatar

      thanks Cymre! I know it’s just my silly brain going in to overdrive. At the end of it all, even if I don’t meet anyone, I’m still going to get to see some amazing Blizz stuff, and I’m glad I have Thor to share that with (you are right!).


  2. AnnInWonderland Avatar

    I would be panicking too if I was coming to Blizzcon. But don’t worry, dear, it’s going to be alright 🙂 Remember, it’s Blizzcon, there are nerds all around, you’re definitely not going to be the only awkward person there 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cinder Avatar

      Thanks Ann 🙂 I know deep down it will be alright. I think half of the edginess is the excitement. I imagine I’ll be a bit of a useless mess in the days leading up to it all! But I think it will be worth it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    I lived in Los Angeles for twenty-five years and never saw a hold up or guns being used, not even once. Lucky you on Yosemite, it is lovely — I was a chicken and stayed at the motel near the entrance — I am no outdoors camper at all!
    And, if Blizzcon is too much, step out for a while. I’ve been over-whelmed at conventions and tried to tough it out for fear of missing anything but, really, a walk around the block might feel good.
    In all, I wish you the best of luck! Fun happy memories for you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      Oh that really is very comforting to know – thank you! Obviously we only hear the bad news over here, so it’s good to know you were there so long and didn’t have any issues.
      We are really looking forward to Yosemite. We’re not camping either – definitely not brave enough for that! We’re staying in a hotel on the eastern side, and then another hotel one the western side the next night hehe But will do a bit of walking about to see as much as we can.
      And thank you for the advice – you are spot on that I’d want to stay in case I missed out on something. I need to keep in mind that I still have Virtual Ticket access so even if I did miss something, I can still watch it later!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    Well? Did you make it home safely?


    1. Cinder Avatar

      We did! I’ve got so much to share on here, but of course I got sick on the plane home so it’s all taking longer than I’d like. I promise there will be updates soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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