My raiding UI and addons

I’ve had a few requests over the past couple of weeks for info about what I’m using for my healing UI and addons. There are quite a few, so I thought it would be easier to run through them all here.

I will say up front – healer UIs tend to be very personal. I am very particular about my layout and addons, and other healers are very particular about theirs. The only right UI layout is the one that works for you. So take all of the advice, but adjust it to suit you.

Before I get started on my UI, I would like to point you towards a great video from AutomaticJak where he goes through deciding keybinding and optimisation of your UI for your own needs. This is quick 13 minute video that was extremely helpful to me, and I’ve been doing this stuff for years! Check out the video here –

Ok, onto my UI. So here is a screen grab from a recent mythic boss attempt in Castle Nathria:

Ciinder's UI with numbers to show each addon in use.

Addons I use are as follows:

  1. EXRT Exorsus Raid Tools: EXRT is a BIG addon that can do a lot. In the screenshot above at 1 you can see the notes section in use (our 2nd tank makes amazing notes in ERT! But you don’t have to do to that level.) We use the notes section to share healing CDs or to assign people to groups etc. Anything that you need to share with the rest of the raid team. (Note that everyone in the raid team needs to have the addon to see the notes).
  2. EXRT Exorsus Raid Tools: (again!) Like I said, EXRT is a big addon. I just wanted to highlighted this part of it, too – this is the cooldown tracker. You can select which specific cooldowns you want to track, as well as interrupts and rezzes.
    There is a LOT more that EXRT can do, especially if you are a raid leader (like group invites, fight timers, attendance tracking etc.) but for now these are the most common parts that I use.
  3. Weak auras: weak auras are great. You can use them for just about anything. In my pic above at 3 are a package of weak auras for shamans, created by Luxthos. He has created weak aura sets for all classes and specialisations, including legendary procs and covenant abilities. You can see all of his weak auras here –
    Weak auras can also be used to track specific activities in a fight. In the screenshot above, the section of green bar lines on the left is a weak aura that is tracking the health and buff status of people with those markers on them. And in the middle of the screen the speech bubble with diamonds and numbers – also a weak aura. I made my own weak aura to yell at me when I forget to have my water shield on!
    Weak auras can be very, very powerful, and loads of people make and share them over at But be careful – there are dodgy people all over the place. Make sure you are importing weak auras from a trusted source – check the raiding of the WA, read the comments etc. And if you want to have a go at writing your own, wowhead has a great guide on the Weak Auras addon here –
  4. Vuhdo: These are my healing frames. I have spells bound to clicks on my mouse, so when I hover over a name on the frames and right-click, it does a riptide on that target (without targeting them). Left-click does healing wave etc. etc. Vuhdo is highly customisable and I love it. As I said above, healers have their own preferences – this is mine. But you should go with what works for you.
  5. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM): (5 is on there twice, that’s just because I’ve got it split on my screen.) DBM is a boss mod that helps inform you of what’s happening in the fight. It has timers, can yell out at you when something bad is about to happen, and yell at you even more if you’re standing in fire. It’s great and basically essential for anyone stepping into a raid or dungeon. I have mine set up with a HazelNutty Voice pack so I have Hazel yelling instructions at me, and it’s great!
    Wowhead have a guide on DBM, too –
    (Another alternative to DBM is BigWigs. I’ve not used it personally, but others like it. Generally you’re either a DBM person or a BigWigs person 🙂 )
  6. Details: As the name implies, this shows details of the fight as it is happening. I have two windows of it running, one showing DPS and one showing HPS, however you can choose loads of other options such as interrupts tracking and deaths. This isn’t an essential addon to have, in fact it can be downright destructive to mechanics in a raid because people just want to be at the top of these meters! But it is good for checking how much healing your spells are doing, and how much healing you’re doing to a particular person. It can spit out some really good info on the fly.

And that’s it! there are LOADS of other addons that I use (faaaaarrr too many if I’m being honest!) The only other one that’s obviously visible in that screenshot is Elvui, which I use to control my overall UI layout. Anmd again, wowhead have a great guide to teach you how to use this –

In fact, if there are other addons you’re curious about, check out wowhead’s list of guides for addons to see if there’s something there that might be useful –

I hope this helps! I’ll do another post going through some of my other addons in the near future. Hell, I should probably write about my Shadowlands experiences sometime soon given I haven’t done that yet!!

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