Blaugust 2022 – 3 – Raiding with the Silverbacks

It’s Wednesday, and in a WoW week that means reset time. This week’s reset brings with it Season 4 of the Shadowlands expansion, which is a little bit different to previous seasons. This time around, instead of there being a new raid, one of the three existing Shadowlands raids will be given an affix called ‘Fated’, making the raid a higher difficulty, but also give higher level loot. This will rotate between the different raids each week. There will also be something that will happen in the raid itself related to the affix, but I’m not sure what they are specifically, yet.

For dungeons, most of the Shadowlands dungeons have been retired from the mythic+ rotation, and instead we have:

  • Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder (Shadowlands)
  • Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit (Shadowlands)
  • Operation Mechagon: Junkyard (Battle for Azeroth)
  • Operation Mechagon: Workshop (Battle for Azeroth)
  • Return to Karazhan: Lower (Legion)
  • Return to Karazhan: Upper (Legion)
  • Grimrail Depot (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Iron Docks (Warlords of Draenor)

And this season’s M+ affix is called ‘Shrouded’, where there are hidden dreadlords in the trash packs throughout the dungeons that, when killed, give you a nice buff of your choice.

Most importantly, there are two mounts that I’m wanting to get from these dungeons/raids:

img from wowhead
img from wowhead

I kinda wish slimecat didn’t have the armor on it, but I’ll live with it. The purple death elemental, though, is an absolute MUST and I will be working my butt off to get it!

Most importantly with Season 4, though, is that I have a guild to play it with, and a raid team to raid with. I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had found a lovely guild called The Wooly Mammoth. I had been doing Friday night raids with them to get AOTC in Sepulcher, which was a really nice bonus given Realm falling apart when it did. Once AOTC was done we had a break.

During that break the guild master and his officers had been working on building the community even more so and decided to start up 2 more raid teams for Season for and Dragonflight! I quickly applied for the new mythic team, which is just for 2 nights per week – absolute perfection for me and my schedule! I’m so excited about feeling like part of a team again and killing bosses and stuff. Our team is called The Silverback Mammoths which just makes me think of gorillas riding a mammoth… which honestly just cracks me up.

First raid night is tomorrow night (Thursday) and we are heading into the first fated raid for the season, Castle Nathria. I’m glad Nathria is first, because I cleared the whole thing on mythic when it first came out, so I should be a little more comfortable with what I’m doing, which will give me time to get a feel for how the tanks play and the rest of the team.

I will be sure to post updates on our progression as we go along. I’m also really REALLY hoping I can stream some of our raid – will try at least one night, but I’m not sure if my internet will hold up. We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I ran a couple of dungeons tonight with some guildies. They were just so lovely – so patient with me, who didn’t run a single dungeon in Season 3! and just really kind. It helped me feel like I’d really made the right choice in joining them.

We had a really good cringe/laugh in Iron Docks mythic+ – one of the affixes this week is quaking, which puts a big circle around you the grows out, and when it reaches the edge, it does a burst of damage and interrupts any casts you’re doing. If you stand in someone else’s circle, you take even more damage. So you can imagine why we were laughing when this happened….

I’m looking forward to some fun times with this guild, and I’ll be sure to share our adventures here 🙂

3 responses to “Blaugust 2022 – 3 – Raiding with the Silverbacks”

  1. Marathal Avatar

    I am dreading to see the comments about LFR being made more difficult, and adding affixes, with the only reward being near heroic level gear. LFR has been a dumpster fire for quite awhile where you need 5 stacks or more to down a boss, or groups falling apart. I personally don’t have 3-4 hours to clear one wing of LFR just for the slim chance of getting a piece of gear. If the mount was there? I might try, but it’s not anything I would do normally anymore.

    So glad you are having a great time in the guild. It’s always good to find fun people to play with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      I don’t have the patience for LFR tbh. The only times I’ll do it is if I need a certain currency, or if the transmog is nice. But otherwise I have no patience. Which is a shame, because I think it’s helpful to have people in the raids who know what they’re doing.
      I really think LFR needs its own rewards tbh, to encourage people to do it, but also to recognise that for some people, LFR is the only way they can raid, so why shouldn’t they get something special from it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Marathal Avatar

        I don’t necessarily buy blizzards logic around it that they don’t want it to feel compulsory for raiders to have to do it. The old we don’t feel mythic raiders should feel the need to socialize with the dregs of society. I haven’t run LFR in a long time. The last couple I did at the beginning of BfA I believe, had some that just went afk at the start, so we kicked them, and then went through a series of tanks that just zoned in and ran straight at the boss to pull and after 20 seconds dropped from group. There are a lot of people, myself included that use to do it to get a feel for the fight, to experience what the basic mechanics were so that we could understand what the dungeon journal was saying. But it got so toxic and was such a waste of an evening that I just stopped. I won’t even bother using dungeon finder because of the go go go attitude and if you can’t keep up just leave, oh, you died? Sucks to be you, run back scrub.

        Maybe the game was different when there were millions more playing because the good people outnumbered the bad.


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