Blaugust 2022 – 8 – Iggy

About 12 years or so ago I went and saw a live production of Mary Poppins. It was absolutely fantastic and I had an absolute blast! As usual, I spent a stupid amount of money on souvenirs, and got a keyring that looks like Mary’s giant bag, a programme, and, best of all, an umbrella with a parrot head, just like hers. I was in LOVE with this umbrella, and I named him Iggy.

Meet Iggy

Living in Melbourne you need to be prepared for all weather every day, so I often took Iggy about with me. He got lots of compliments, because he was quite handsome, of course.

One particularly boring Friday afternoon at work I decided to start a series of photographs featuring Iggy – it went on for a good 6 months I’d say, putting Iggy into fun/funny situations then sending it around to people in the office. They were definitely some fun times.

I thought that I had lost my Iggy pictures, but not too long ago I found a whole bunch of them! So I decided to share them here. (There are captions on each pic below to let you know the story.)

Iggy in the office

Iggy out and about

Iggy’s mascot-games

(Closing statements from the 2010 Mascot Games)

And so ends another successful Mascot Games – and what a games it was!

Tooth Fairy & Troll were neck and neck in the medal tally, until the controversial doping scandal which saw the Tooth Fairy stripped of her Egg & Spoon race win due to explicit Pixie Dust abuse.

Santa was the dark horse of the games, beating out Martha Stewart in the Great Cake Bake Off and smashing Big Dog in the 100m Doggie Paddle. He also caused major upset by beating event favourite Easter Bunny in the Long Jump.

But the overall favourite, winning gold in all of his games, including the Backyard Obstacle Course, the Tightrope Race and the Synchronised Aerobatics, was of course Iggy Popstardust. Iggy also took home the Mr Popularity Award of the Games, making him the most successful competitor since Roger Ramjet in 1966.

Congratulations to Iggy, and all the competitors of the 2010 Mascot Games.

Iggy holiday celebrations

Iggy’s short-lived political career

Iggy in the movies

Iggy gets a nose job

It’s funny, these pictures and their topics were really telling of what was happening at the time. And my gosh they were fun to do! This kind of thing is probably one of the few things I miss about working in an office. And as great as it is… I still much prefer working from home. 🙂

2 responses to “Blaugust 2022 – 8 – Iggy”

  1. atherenlightrunner Avatar

    Telling I suppose that I like the Budgie photo best. These are such fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cinder Avatar

      lol I was worried non-aussies wouldn’t understand the ‘budgie-smuggler’ reference. I’m glad this amused you 😀


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