Blaugust 2022 – 11 – Complete Failure

There’s a reason why I hate New Year’s resolutions, and why the word ‘goals’ sends shivers down my spine. It’s because I am yet to ever successfully complete one. It seems as soon as I say them out loud the universe starts giggling at me.

This time is no different

Those who checked out my walk through of my bullet journal earlier this month may have noticed a goals section, and in it I had listed

‘Stop buying craft supplies and use what I already have!’

Technically I failed it barely 5 days later, but it was just a couple of rolls of washi tape – nothing too terrible. But this weekend…. oh this weekend I just went to town. And well…. this happened-

I can’t help myself…

This is just from this weekend. It started with Thor taking a trip to Kmart and me not being able to say ‘no’ to the fun things he found. And then it ended up with me on amazon getting the essentials I actually needed (glue and velcro dots) and getting more fun stuff at the same time.

In this haul we have:

  • 2x vintage-themed paper pads (in two different sizes)
  • 5x sticker sheets
  • 4x stamp sets
  • a 6 set of colourful ink pads
  • patterned hole punches
  • a packet of vellum paper
  • new planner for work
  • loopy paper clips
  • a book-binding set
  • 2 packs of kraft card stock
  • 1 pack marble card stock
  • 2x tubes of washi tapes (rainbow ombre and glitters)
  • measuring shot glasses (for resin)
  • 2x alphabet stencils
  • oh, and the glue and velcro dots

Talk about getting carried away!

If it helps, I actually have plans for every single thing I purchased – even the book-binding set! That one was the most random of the lot. Technically what I was looking for were some bone paper folding things to assist with my paper crafts. These are often used by people who make and bind their own books, and so while I was searching on amazon for the bone folder, I happened across an entire book binding kit for a really decent price. So of course I grabbed it. And maybe one day I’ll get into some book binding. But until then I can still use most all of the other pieces in my paper crafts. 🙂

Anyway, I failed my goal in spectacular fashion. But you know what? I DON’T CARE! Craft supplies make me happy, so nya nya nya past Cinder, what a stupid goal to set in the first place!

3 responses to “Blaugust 2022 – 11 – Complete Failure”

  1. Marathal Avatar

    Lol. My wife paints ceramics. We went to a local craft show last year and saw some things others had done and the prices they were asking. Hers are worlds better. I said you could do that. Welllllll about $3000 later… we are sitting on a mountain of stuff she’s been painting for the two shows later this year. To be fair it was about $4000 worth of ceramics we bought at a 50% off sale, the other $1000 was paints and chalks, embellishments from the dollar store, and heavy shelving.

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    1. Cinder Avatar

      oh wow that sounds amazing! So awesome of you to encourage and support her crafts, too. I know Thor’s cheering me on really helps when I’m having bad craft days 🙂 I hope the shows go really well!

      Liked by 1 person

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