Blaugust 2022 – 13 – rest

I hit the wall this week. The past few weeks have finally caught up with me and exhaustion hit me like a truck today. Thankfully I have managed to get the really important deadline stuff done, so this afternoon- as I’m trying my hardest not to fall asleep at my desk and failing- I just decided ‘stuff it’, I’m taking Friday and Monday off to give myself a 4 day weekend. Checked with my boss that he was ok with it (which he was – best boss ever) and it was done. Finished up for the day and I feel like a little weight has lifted. The goal now is to make sure I actually get some sleep as priority one, and then after that I’ve got blog posts to catch up on and some crafting I’d like to do… but if I end up sleeping and reading for four days, I’m not even going to be mad. It’s currently cold and raining… perfect weather for it.

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