About Cinder

Hello! I’m Cinder.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft now since Dragon Soul came out during Cataclysm. I have switched between Alliance and Horde, played dps and healers (and even dabbled in tanking, too!), I raid and do pet battles and have far too many alts! I love just about everything about the game.

I’ve started streaming my team’s raid nights over on twitch. You can follow me at twitch.tv/cinder_streams.

In the real world I enjoy writing, and figured writing about my adventures in Azeroth might be a good way to combine my two favourite pastimes.

You can reach me at cinder[at]cindersays.net or on twitter @cinder_tweets.

If you want to know more about me, you can hear me on Behind the Avatar with Leeta! The episode is here: http://behindtheavatar.com/podcast/episode-106-cinder/ 


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge

This started out as a friendly way for my friend Z and I to challenge ourselves each week. It was a lot of fun seeing what each other wrote for each topic. We thought how much more fun it would be if more people wrote about the topics, and so the blog challenge was born. You can see all of the topics and everyone’s contributions on our website at zandcindersblogchallenge.wordpress.com. New challenges are posted fortnightly. Check out our twitter @zcblogchallenge.


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