~*~*~*~*~SPOILERS AHEAD!! This post contains images and discussion about bosses in the new Antorus raid. If you do not want to know anything about this raid, please turn back now. ~*~*~*~*~

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile that I love a new raid. There’s always something so exciting about it. There’s a buzz that you can feel in the days leading up to it. I’m no different. Whilst I’m not as tired of Tomb of Sargeras as other people are, I have been looking forward to seeing some new bosses.

So you can imagine my disappointment in missing the first night of the new raid. You’ll have noticed I’ve been quiet here again lately, and that’s because for the past few weeks I’ve been travelling for work. It’s been busy and extremely tiring (I’m not a good flyer, so the anxiety really makes it exhausting!). I was on a flight from Perth back to Melbourne when my guild walked in to Antorus for the first time on Wednesday night. It was an odd feeling. It was the first raid for the new guild (more things I haven’t talked about here…) and I was really looking forward to it. But it is what it is.

I was, however, fortunate enough to step into Antorus on Thursday night, when we started the Heroic run. We managed to clear 8 heroic bosses for the first time on Thursday night, which I was really excited about. I had been terrified for most of the night because, due to being so busy with work, I had only really had a very basic look at each of the fights. But I actually did ok. My healing was trash (also didn’t help that we were overhealing things by a bucketload!!) but I didn’t die to mechanics, so that’s good.

Anyway, we went back in last night for our alt run on normal. Except I took my shaman so she had a chance at some more gear. And more importantly, so she could take some screenshots.

When I say Antorus is epic, I genuinely mean it. This is a level of epic that I think most people haven’t really felt since Ulduar. The raid itself spans from Antorus into space and the twisting nether. It’s incredible. It’s done brilliantly, so it doesn’t feel like you’re running for a long time to get to bosses (ground mounts are allowed for a lot of the raid, which is so helpful!). Instead, you get to use the Vindicaar and the portals you see on Argus to get around.

And the scenary. Holy moly. When you go in there yourself, look up. It’s just… amazing.

The bosses themselves are a lot of fun. I really like all of them. I haven’t had a look at mythic mechanics yet (which I will need to do given we will start mythics next week!) so my thoughts are based on normal and heroic at this stage.

~*~*~*~*~SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS!!!!!!~*~*~*~*~

Yes, I’m going to talk about each of the bosses, INCLUDING ARGUS AND THE PHASES IN THE FIGHT AND WHAT HAPPENS AFTERWARDS. You’ve been warned!!!

Garothi Worldbreaker


This is a great little fight, and I think a nice way to start the raid as a whole. The fight is straight forward, but ramps up in damage over time, which helps speed things up a bit. The way we do it has ranged and melee stacks, which means I always have somewhere to drop my healing rain, which I’m always excited about (this will be even more important when I get my 2 and 4 piece sets from this tier). It’s good fun, though! I like it a lot.



I LOVE how these guys look! And what’s even better- the firey hound drops as a mount from this fight. One of my guildies was extremely lucky and got it on the first night. I’m very jealous. It’s not usually a mount type that I would go for, but I love the glowing colours.

This fight is another one that is quite straight forward, however the difficulty comes in when the abilities overlap in weird ways. For example one mechanic requires you to all stack up together, but then a different mechanic needs you to all spread out. And sometimes, those two mechanics overlap. So it makes for a really interesting fight. I think this one will be quite chaotic in mythic- I can’t wait!

Antoran High Command


This fight actually consists of 3 bosses. Only 1 is active at a time, with the two hanging out in their little pods bombarding us with random abilities. Because the active boss has vacated their pod, one of us can pop in there and use it to our advantage. It’s a great concept. We move around the room and deal with all the abilities. This is another one that ramps up in damage to the raid. It also requires a good amount of dps so you don’t run out of “death-saving” abilities. I like it a lot. I have a feeling this one will be a bit bananas on mythic too, though!

Portal Keeper Hasabel


This is another awesome fight (I’m sensing a theme here…). It’s got some great mechanics- being a portal keeper, Hasabel has a bunch of portals that open up, so the group needs to be split up to help deal with what’s in them. It’s a little like the Dragons of Nightmare fight in that way. Inside the portals there are orbs and things that look like they’re going to play a big part in mythic… we’ll see how that pans out. Again, another great fight with some simple mechanics that are easily botched.

Essence of Eonar

It’s no surprise here that I have lots of pics for this fight…

Eonar is a life-binder, so of course wherever she is, it’s going to be beautiful. This fight is quite different- there’s no one boss. We just need to defend Eonar from the onslaught of demons coming in. Because the room is massive, the team needs to split up. There’s a great ability that you get when you run into the room, that gives you wings. When you use them, you get shot straight up into the air. You can then glide around with your beautiful green wings, or you can use the extra action button again to land somewhere specific. So it makes getting around a lot faster.

I will admit, that even though this is a stunning area for a fight, it’s my least favourite in the raid. There’s SO much running around, so I can’t drop my rain anywhere, and I always seem to get lost. The changes to the fight on mythic have the raid splitting even further, so it will be very interesting indeed. but for now, not my favourite (at least it’s pretty!)

Imonar the Soulhunter


Silly bugger wouldn’t turn around for me to take his picture! So here’s a pic of his butt 😉

This fight has bombs and sleeping and racing through mazes… it’s chaotic and awesome!! It’s going to be bananas on mythic. It requires some good coordination with the team to make sure that bombs are placed in suitable spots around the room, and to make sure we don’t accidentally put each other to sleep. The fight starts on one side of the room, then he will jump over to the other side. We have to run across a bridge that is full of bombs and rolling balls and lines of death… yep, bananas. But I’m a sucked for punishment, and actually really love this fight.



This guy is AWESOME! We smash his face for awhile, then go kill some adds that spawn. Any adds that we don’t kill do a whole bunch of mechanics in addition to the boss mechanics, so it’s really important to get them down. My only issue with this fight is that I find myself out of range of the tanks a lot. I think I need to get them to have markers on their heads so I know where they are. But yeah, another really interesting fight.



This fight is scary. It’s a tank and spank kind of fight, which is probably pretty boring for dps, but there’s a healer mechanic in this which is terrifying. You need to always be near someone, otherwise you get a debuff on you called Misery, which makes you take 200% extra damage, but worse than that, makes you unable to be healed for its duration. Misery lasts for 7 seconds, but I tell you what, it seems so much longer than that. Watching peoples’ health go down and not being able to do anything about is excruciating!! It means people need to be sensible when they’re going to take damage- anything to help reduce the amount of damage taken is going to be really helpful for healers, because otherwise we can’t do anything until the debuff is gone.

This fight has a quick enrage timer on it, and it’s really easy to mess up. I know some people don’t like it, but for me, it’s challenging and really intersting. And bloody terrifying.

Also, it’s nice to see a male character with barely any clothes on for a change!

Coven of Shivarra

I mean, there’s so much ass here…

I’ve only done this fight (and the following two) on normal so far. It’s chaos. I’m not usually a fan of council fights, but this one has some really interesting mechanics that mix things up a bit. There are titan abilities that come in to try and hurt us, and they rotate randomly, so we have to be able to react quickly. There’s also a debuff that needs to be healed off, because if it isn’t the person with it gets stunned. It’s an interesting fight. I’m concerned I’ll dislike it on mythic, but so far, I enjoy it!



So again, I’ve done this fight on normal. It’s damn good fun. This one, to me, feels like a dance, and I really like it. There’s fire and explosions and smashes and thankfully at least a bit of stacking for my healing rain to enjoy. I’m excited to see this fight on heroic tonight!

Argus the Unmaker


Oh Argus. You can’t help but feel sad about how this all came about. But oh boy it’s hard to be sad when you’re surrounded by the freaking AMAZING zone. We’re in space and it’s just incredible. And this fight… this is a damn good final boss for an end of expansion raid.

The fight has 4 phases. The first phase has cones of void that need to be placed properly, and blobs of void that need to be put in the right place as well. There are also orbs of awesome that spawn that give you some buffs, which is a really great.

Phase 2 opens with a giant storm that gets rid of the void zones. We just hang out in the middle avoiding the storm. Then there are junk-rat-style tyres of void doom that make lines of death across the platform that we have to dodge. There are also bombs that get put on people that need to be dealt with… of course they have really similar names so it’s quite confusing!

Phase 3 comes to us with a WHOLE bunch of adds around the room. They start out really pretty as stars, then turn into evil adds of mean that needs to be killed ASAP. There are lines that need to be avoided and casts that need to be interrupted and adds that get specific debuffs on them to make them easier to kill.

Once the adds are all killed, Argus pulls us all in together… and kills us. Dead. RIP


It’s amazing. There’s a bit before the image above where we are pulled together in space, and locked in this big chunk of ice-like stuff… then Argus gets all cranky and smashes us in one hit. What a jerk.

But all is not lost. Eonar is here to save the day!!!


Thanks for the res, Eonar!

I forgot to take a pic of what it looks like when we’re dead! (There will be plenty of time for pics of it in later attempts, though!). While we are dead, we need to avoid running in to some little adds that are out blocking our path, and run to a tree where we can res. That tree stays up for the whole fight, which is really interesting, because it means we can die quite a few times without wiping. Death becomes a resource in a way. And it’s needed, because there are abilities that go out that will just plan and simply kill people.

The last phase is quite chaotic, and is definitely a dps race, because you will eventually run out of rezzes.

But then Argus dies, and the end cinematic begins…

I had watched the end cinematic before I went in to Argus. I knew that it would get spoiled for me before I would have a chance to see it for myself, so I watched it in advance. But watching the cinematic again after having completed the fight was something else. I cried. I really did. It was pretty emotional. Thinking about everything that had happened to lead up to that point… the people who have died (RIP Varian), and all of the battles we have had to face to get to this point, where Sargeras is finally being captured and brought to justice… it’s a lot. It really does reiterate my last post, too, about just how epic this is, and how difficult anything that comes after it will be “disappointing” to a lot of people. This was fucking EPIC. And I’m really going to miss Illidan. What an amazingly deep and interesting character. This was a really nice send-off.

So that’s it! Antorus the Burning Throne. Freaking AMAZING. Here are a couple of more pictures from the raid itself.

Have you had a chance to experience Antorus yet? What did you think? I hope you had a great time 🙂



Blizzcon 2017 was wrapping up when I first starting to type this (it’s now a couple of days later!). Like every other year there were loads of announcements and competitions and game finals and cosplay and so, SO much love shown in the faces in the audience and online. It has been a great year, and I hope everyone has had an amazing time.

I feel, though, that this year’s WoW announcement has had a less than enthusiastic reception. Ok, I won’t sugar-coat it- I have seen down right disgust and hatred towards the Battle for Azeroth announcement. There are a lot of unhappy people out there; people who aren’t happy with the way the new features are coming in, or even what the story is about, with many wondering if they would even play the new expansion.

But I have to ask this:

What else were you expecting?

To me, none of this is a surprise. And I’m not referring to the WoW content, I’m referring to the reaction. Blizzard were in a lose-lose situation this year with the WoW announcement, and for quite a few reasons. For those of you reading this who are feeling disappointed right now, let me tell you this: you were going to be disappointed no matter what Blizzard announced for WoW this weekend. But there is hope!! Here’s why Blizzard wasn’t going to win this Blizzcon…



This announcement proved that Blizzard don’t want to give out spoilers. And why would they? It ruins content that hasn’t even been released yet, which in turn reduces playability and brings that content burnout so much closer. instead of content being out for the planned 3 months, it’s been “out” for 4-6 months because of datamining and spoilers.

Think about it- there is a whole raid that hasn’t even been released yet, and with it, some answers that will point to how we get from fighting together on Argus, to fighting each other on Azeroth. In addition to that, there will need to be some sort of quest line or scenario or event or something during which we will hand over our artifact weapons. AND there will be pre-expansion events as well.

This is an awful lot of content and more importantly, story that hasn’t been told yet. Blizzard were never going to tell you how all that plays out in advance just to announce an expansion. In doing so, they would have tarnished quite a few months’ worth of content in the process.

The “problem” with this is that it meant they were unable to share a lot of details about what’s to come. They couldn’t talk about why the Highmountain Tauren side with the Horde, or why the Alliance will have Void Elves; they can’t talk about why the Horde burn down Teldrassil seemingly out of nowhere, and they can’t talk about what Jaina has been up to and how we get to each of the new zones, because we can’t know yet.

It would have been an incredibly difficult panel for Blizzard to put together, to be honest. I wonder how many times they had to bite their tongues!


How high can the story go?

This was something that I had actually brought up a few months ago when I was a guest on the Rolling Restart podcast with Rho. Where did WoW have to go after Argus? I mean, this is the Burning Legion, Kil’Jaeden, titans for goodness sake!! This is some Act 3 crisis point story going on here. It’s potentially the end of not only Azeroth, but the universe it exists in. Where did they have left to go!? How do you go higher than that?

The answer is either:

a) end the world (and therefore the game)
b) extend the life of the game and bring the story back home

Obviously the answer was always going to be b).

It’s a bit like an action movie- the suspense has been building throughout the whole movie, things just getting worse and worse until you’re at the point that things seem completely helpless. If you’re someone like Joss Whedon or George R. R Martin you end the world. But generally, the “good guys” will fight until they win. This is when the movie ends. The heroes will stand around hugging and laughing and cheering at being so amazing… and then the credits roll. Then a couple of years later the sequel will come out, and its been 2 years since the end of the events and something else bad is happening, and it all starts again. What you don’t see is everything that happens in between. And there’s a darn good reason for that- it’s really anti-climactic. It’s better to pan the camera away than to watch people return to their homes and get back to “normal”.

The same thing is happening here in WoW. We are about to come down from one of the most epic battles we have ever faced. That battle is going to hit peak climax during/shortly after Antorus. And then it’s going to end… but the camera won’t pan away.

All of this means you were always going to feel a little bit disappointed at the announcement. In many ways it feels very anti-climactic. And that’s because it is. But what that doesn’t mean, is that it will be crap.

Where to from here?

This is the beauty of Blizzard- they are good at telling stories, and boy do they have a lot of stories to tell! It’s for this reason that I’m not at all worried about what’s to come for World of Warcraft, and I honestly never will be. They always have a plan of some sort, and will always tell the stories they have to share.

So I urge you- if you’re feeling disappointed about the expansion announcement, the “lack” of story, or you’re feeling angry that the Horde and Alliance are back at each other’s throats, please give it some time. Have a bit of faith in Blizzard that they know what they’re doing, and they want this to be amazing for everyone who plays. I think we’ll be hearing more details about the next expansion sooner than you think.

Personally, I think the next expansion is going to be amazing. I think Blizzard held a lot of content close to their chests so as not to spoil what’s to come for the rest of Legion. Which means there is a lot of amazing stuff still to come, that I’m going to talk about in future posts! I just wanted to get this post out there now in the hopes that it helps people who are feeling disappointed to bring things back into perspective, and hopefully show them that there is bound to be a lot of amazing stuff to come. 🙂


Topic 27 of Z & Cinder’s blog challenge is a personal one for me, so I was curious to see if other people struggled with time as I do. So far, it has been nice to see that I’m not alone.

The topic asks:

How do you balance playing WoW with the real life commitments you have? Are there things you give up in your life to be able to play WoW, or vice versa? What do you to do make the most of your play time?

The answer is- I don’t find the time. Well, not to do all the things that I would like to do in game. For that, there just isn’t enough time at all.

It’s funny that one of my biggest problems with WoW is not disliking content, or being bored or annoyed about something in game. No, my biggest issue that I just love far too much of it, and want to do it all. Yep, even pvp. In some ways this is a burden, but in other ways, it’s actually a bit liberating. You see, by knowing that I can’t do everything in game, I don’t do everything in game, and I don’t resent it.

What this also means, is that when I do spend time in game, I’m always going to enjoy it.

That’s not to say that I don’t have commitments, though. Regular readers will know that I’m part of a mythic raid team. We’re not highly competitive by any means, but we do aim to get all mythic bosses down in order to get the Cutting Edge achievements. This level of raiding does come with a certain level of required play. There is an expectation at the beginning of an expansion that our mains will be levelled and raid ready by a certain point in time. For Legion, it has meant a certain level on our artifact weapons as well. But even with my work schedule, I usually manage to get this without trouble.

I’m the type of person who makes lists for everything. My work is so hectic that I wouldn’t be able to get through everything if I didn’t do this. So naturally I tend to do the same thing for WoW. (Though it doesn’t always go to plan…. I do get pretty distracted in game hehe It’s just that it’s so engaging and I get a bit lost in everything.) I usually have a running Bucket List of things that I want to get done. These tend to be additional goals outside of my raiding requirements. I try not to be too hard on myself if I don’t achieve these, especially if we do manage to get all the raiding goals down. But it’s very helpful when I feel a bit lost, or unsure of what to do with my time. So if you’re in the same boat, I highly recommend making a bucket list!

One of the bigger challenges I’ve had recently is the real-life balance. Up until a couple of months ago my partner Thor also played WoW with me. Even though we did a lot of our own thing in game, raid nights we played together, and it was a great way to spent our time. Since Thor stopped playing, we haven’t had that time to play together in game. Obviously we love each other and actually do want to spend time together, so we specifically make time for each other, with regular movie nights and what not. It’s actually nice having planned time away from the game. Makes it feel more like I’m doing what I want to do in game, and less feeling like a chore.

So that’s about it for me. It all comes down to making lists of things I want to achieve in game, and actually allocating time for real-life to help keep things in balance. I don’t always get things right, but I do try. And so far, things are working ok. 🙂

The alt that I have been working on lately has been my priest. I’ve never been very good at being a priest. Shadow just doesn’t mesh well with me, and I didn’t really like holy last time I tried it either. Same for Discipline, really. But I *really* wanted the priest class mount. And the hidden appearance for Disc is a book, so I just had to get it. So I got to it.

~*~*~*~*~Warning – priest campaign spoilers ahead!~*~*~*~*~

Turns out, I quite like playing Disc! I’m absolutely terrible at it, but I can do it well enough to get by. The recent changes to Artifact Knowledge also really helped- having a powerful weapon made hitting things a lot better! I was also really lucky to have some kind guildies who were very patient with me and took me through the dungeons I needed to do… they gave me tips on what to do, and were very kind when I accidentally died to everything in the world.

I did things a bit out of order. I went off and grabbed my hidden appearance for my priest as soon as I remembered I wanted it again (it’s been a busy time!) Getting this appearance was one of the more positive hidden-appearance-collecting experiences. I grabbed all the info from wowhead, but essentially you have to run around Azeroth collecting missing pieces from a book. I was quite lucky in that most of the pages spawned when I went to them… except for one. Unfortunately it didn’t spawn any time I was looking for it, and so my collecting activities ended up going over the weekly reset, which meant some of the pages I had collected previously would not count, and I would need to get them again. (There’s a great macro on that link above that lets you know which pages you have available).

Anyways, I ended up finding all the pieces, and this beautiful appearance is mine!

Next up to get done was the campaign. The Priest campaign itself was fine. Because I had already done the paladin campaign, I knew what was coming. Whilst it was a wee bit disappointing to have so much crossover between the two classes, it made sense, and I still enjoyed it. I also really like the artifact appearance you get for completing the campaign, too. (but the hidden one is still my favourite!)WoWScrnShot_102717_214130.jpg

So that left me with just getting my class mount. I got myself up to the point where I had to do a Legion Invasion to proceed, but unfortunately there wasn’t one up while I was awake for a little while! Thankfully we had one from 9:30pm last night, so my lovely friends Mel, Leeta & Natanie went along with me and did the invasion so I could keep going through the quest line. Afterwards, I pushed through all the required quests right up until I needed to complete a Broken Shore order hall mission. I had one up, so I sent some followers off on that and went to bed.

This morning, my mission complete, I only had a few more quests to do, then it was time to go get my beautiful mount.

Now, I have said time and time again that I think the shaman campaign is amazing, and getting the class mount was also a lot of fun. But I think getting the priest mount is the new winner. This experience was so different to anything else I’d done! It was wonderful.


You’re still here? Ok!

Acquiring our mount starts with a visit from The Speaker himself, Magni Bronzebeard!! He has stopped by our Order Hall because he has a message and a mission from Azeroth- to find a hidden Titan Vault. And we’re going to get there BY SUBMARINE!! I was irrationally excited about the submarine adventures… 😀WoWScrnShot_102917_092216.jpg

So off we went. We head towards the Maelstrom where the vault is said to be. I may have taken way too many screenshots at this point, because it was just really awesome. There was also really great banter between Magni, Brann and Betild as we travel through the ocean, and we learn a bit more about how Azeroth communicates with Magni.


We arrive at the entrance to the vault. I giggled as Brann ran around like his usual excited self, as he tried to find levers and buttons and switches to open the doors. Of course The Speaker didn’t need any levers to get in…

Once inside, the room looked like other titan vaults we have seen before. But this one was under water, so the view outside was really cool.

I won’t go into the specifics of what happens in there, but seriously, Brann cracks me up so much. It made for a really enjoyable experience.

With the mission complete, it was time to head back to Dalaran. But I just could not resist going for a wander back around to the cave where we entered. I love exploring new places! I didn’t expect to find anything, but it was still really beautiful. One of the best parts though, was that the lighting in the area was really quite dark, so it gave me the opportunity to take some really nice golden-priest screenshots.

Then it was back to my Order Hall for a ceremony where everyone (rightly so!!) bowed to my wonderfulness, and the beautiful mount was mine.

Overall, I really enjoyed the campaign. And I just adore the mount- it’s smushed up face is adorable, and I love all the sparkles and feathers and stuff that float around it. It’s gorgeous!

So that’s now five campaigns done. I can’t quite decide who to level next. I had started my hunter, but I’m just not feeling it yet… I played around on my warrior last night, and whilst she’s loads of fun, the mount doesn’t really appeal to me. I think I need to work on my monk next. The mount is up there as one of my favourites, and that class has the added bonus of getting a pet when you get the Power Ascended achievement. So I’m thinking that should be my next goal. But with the schedule I have ahead of me, she won’t be levelled any time soon, unfortunately.

In the meantime, I’m really glad to have my priest mount! 🙂

It’s mid-October, and you know what that means – it’s time for the annual Gnome Run! This year was the 8th run, and the turnout this time was absolutely phenomenal. Last year they had almost 3000 gnomes race, and raised $5,500. THIS year, oh my goodness. According to organiser Dravvie, there were over 7,000 (yes SEVEN THOUSAND) gnomes in the race today, and they have raised $14,000 at the time of writing this (and that number keeps going up. It was $13,000 when I first started writing this post lol!!). The goal was $4,000. It’s incredible.

This year, as many of you will know, the Gnome Run was added as a micro-holiday to the game. the Blizzard team set up a race track for all of the gnomes to follow, so you knew where you were going. A lot of people were concerned that Blizzard were “taking over” the Gnome Run when it was added as a microholiday to WoW. However, Dravvie wrote an amazing article for Wowhead that talks about how amazing Blizz were in asking for her ok before adding it to the game. The article also talks about the history of the event, and how it has grown over the years.


There were gnomes EVERYWHERE. We had banners to run through so we knew where to go, blockades stopping us from going off track, REFRESHMENT TABLES and loads of NPC gnomes cheering us along the whole way. It was so brilliant the way it was set up. I hope that Dravvie and the team love what Blizzard did to bring the race into the game.

For me, I ran into some lovely twitter friends…

Once again this year, I did the run with the gorgeous Ms Miggi, but would you believe it? I didn’t manage to get a good pic of the two of us together! So bummed. Though we do both look pretty determined in this pic…


Running with Miggi! (@MsMiggi)

The run itself is always loads of fun. It was incredibly helpful having the gates to pass through, because I’m always so good at getting lost. We only got disconnected once, and that was zoning into Stormwind after getting off the tram. The servers held up brilliantly well. They’re just amazing.

Once we made it to Booty Bay we did try to make a heart, as is tradition. Our shard didn’t do too badly, until a naughty person dropped one of those toys that turns everyone into Moonkins… so that was a little disappointing. But truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as last year, so I think that’s good 🙂

As is also tradition, once the race was done, we jumped on a boat to head over to Orgimmar to /lick the warchief. I’ve never made it all the way into the Throne room. I think the furthest I had gotten was to inside the gates of Org before I’d get horrifically killed. This year, though, I was successful! Well, kinda… you see, stupid Cinder didn’t /lick Saurfang… she /kiss him instead. Awkward! She was immediately killed for her insubordination. But it was worth it.

So by the time I finished writing this, the total donation amount is currently sitting at over $14,600. It’s astonishing and wonderful.

Well done to Dravvie and her band of helpers for putting on yet another amazing Gnome Run. And well done to the Warcraft community for making it another amazing year.

See you next year!


We did it! After all the dramas we have gone through as a team over the past couple of months; after losing so many players and recruiting and trialling others, we are finally at a point where, not only have we defeated all the mythic bosses we had killed before, but we have now got down a new boss! Mistress Sassz’ine is DOWN!


Mythic Sassypants (Sassz’ine)

This fight is of the most RNG-heavy, mechanics-intensive fights I think I’ve ever done. It is one of those fights that, even after having done it hundreds of times, you still kinda feel like you don’t really know what’s going on. It is absolute CHAOS. And I freaking loved it!

For our team, we went with 5 healers, but as a result, were told that we also needed to dps as much as possible in order to beat the enrage timer. Because of this, and the fact that this fight has SO much movement in it, I swapped my gear and talents around a little to what I would normally do.

For my legendaries I used Uncertain Reminder. Aside from having some really juicy stats on it, it extends the duration of hero by 75%. That extra time of hero, combined with our restoration artifact trait Sense of Urgency, AND the fact that hero is popped at a time when there is bucket loads of damage going out, means that it’s a really useful legendary to have. So this one was a no brainer.

The second legendary I had been thinking a fair bit about. In the end, once it was confirmed that we needed to be pushing out more dps, the decision was easy. I went with Soul of the Farseer. Again, it has some great stats on it. But the reason I went with this legendary was the fact that it let me run Echo of the Elements AND Cloudburst at the same time, meaning I could cast a lot more on the move (extra Riptides and Healing Stream Totems) and be able to cast more Lava Bursts. I was glad I went with it in the end, because towards the end when I wasn’t dpsing so much, I was able to drop out some more instant heals as I was fleeing for my life from some hungry octopus thing.

For talents, I had Torrent, Graceful Spirit (this is a no brainer – being able to cast on the move more often is essential in this fight), Lightning Surge Totem (which I didn’t use at all), Ancestral Guidance (to beef up my Cloudburst Totems), Ancestral Vigor, Cloudburst Totem AND Echo of the Elements, and lastly Wellspring.

Wellspring was a last minute change. Normally on this line I’ll take High Tide, but swapped over to Wellspring because it just felt stronger here. It was great for topping up loads of people after each Hydra shot. And it looks cool. 😀

My heals overall were pretty crap, but a lot of that is just due to pushing out damage wherever we could, and the sheer amount of movement there is in this fight. The movement also meant that I couldn’t drop healing rain very often at all, and that usually heals for a pretty decent amount.

None the less, we did it. Mythic Mistress Sassypants is sassy no more. Next up… Maiden of Vigilance.

I’m currently in the middle of a different post, but I saw that the Blizzcon2017 schedule was released today and just had to squee about it for awhile! Seriously, the hype is oh so real.

Blizzcon schedule now live

Blizzcon schedule now live

Blizzcon this year looks AMAZING. There are so many panels that I’m planning to watch, that I don’t know if there will be enough hours in the day.

One of the more notable differences to the schedule this year is the inclusion of an extra stage. This means more panels, which equals one happy Blizzfan! The addition of this extra area has meant that some of the panels that Virtual Ticket attendees haven’t been able to see in the past, are now on stage and being recorded for us. The stages also have new names to show the focus each area has.


Blizzcon 2017 stages and their names

The stage I’m so excited to see is the Heroic stage. The panels on this stage are everything I could have wanted to see, and more. Panels on this stage alone include:

  • LoreCraft- the art of storytelling which is all about the writing side of Blizzard games (and area that I am just so passionate about!)
  • SoundCraft – and interactive Blizzard sound demonstration which has is described as being a live demo of how some of the in-game sounds are made!!
  • Exploring the Wide World of Blizzard Careers – because who doesn’t want to work for Blizzard!
  • Stay Awhile and Listen – this has the following description: Everyone at BlizzCon has their own unique story to share about how Blizzard has impacted their lives. Hear from four different storytellers as they narrate their touching, funny, and memorable experiences live. AMAZING! I can already tell I’m going to end up in tears watching that.

The stage also has a bunch of art-related panels, and some coding and programming panels, too, which will be so great for anyone who is wanting to move into that area.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! the Epic stage is described as the Community stage, and it too has some excellent panels listed, including an Author Showcase, LIVE recordings of The Instance and AllCraft (I’m with Rho- had no idea this existed…and me personally, I wouldn’t be calling this a podcast…but should still be interesting non-the-less), a panel with Geek & Sundry (ZOMG), a panel called Living Blizzard – Pursuing Your Passion (which, for someone like me, sounds amazing and will probably make me cry)… there’s also two panels about getting into cosplay.

Already, this is more hours of visuals than I’ll have time to watch, and we’re not even talking about the main events here!!!! In the announcement of the schedule, Blizz mentioned that the Opening Ceremony, which is usually held on the main stage, will actually be presented across the multiple stages. This sounds brilliant, especially for physical attendees- not everyone can fit into the main stage to watch it. This way, they will have a bit of live action at whatever stage they end up sitting at. And as a Virtual Ticket holder, we just get a darn awesome view of everything 😀

Clearly I’m more than a little excited about it all. More excited than I have been in past years, actually, mostly due to the additional stages and all the creative panels. It’s right down my ally in terms of things I’m really interested in. I’m extremely grateful I’m not the only person who enjoys this stuff, and even more grateful that Blizzard recognises this and does some presentations for us. I’m expecting an announcement about the closing act in a few weeks’ time. Here’s hoping it’s someone fun! The one thing I did notice was that the cosplay competition wasn’t listed anywhere. I’m wondering if it’s the panel currently titled as Community Night, or maybe I’m just blind.

Anyway,  if you want to check out the schedule for yourself, and start flagging the panels you want to see, go check it all out at https://blizzcon.com/en-us/schedule#fri-nov-3.

What are you most looking forward to checking out at Blizzcon??

Oh my goodness what a month this has been! Back at the end of August when I finally made the decision to move my blog to somewhere more permanent, I had no idea how long it would be until my blog was safely in place and available to post to. I expected a weekend of setting up and getting comfy before I would be able to post… but a month passed in a flash.

It’s been, well, pretty stupid to say the least. Firstly, work has gotten really busy. As many of you know I started a new job a few months back now, and about a month ago things really picked up in pace. I finally got my own project to work on, which has had me working later and completely flat out while I’m at the office, so doing sneaky blog work during my lunch break was impossible.

And then the move itself. The plan was to move over to wordpress.org. I had spent ages researching different hosting options, found the template I wanted to use and was all set. But I hit roadblock after roadblock; posts wouldn’t export properly nor would they import properly over to the new server, the template seemed to cause problem after problem… nothing seemed to work the way it was supposed to, and not matter what I did, I couldn’t get things right. It was all just a complete and utter nightmare. So much so that I even considered just forgetting it all and closing my blog. But I really missed writing in here, so that wasn’t really an option.

In the end I didn’t go anywhere. I set myself up on a paid plan at wordpress.com and just rebuilt here. Yes, it’s more expensive, but I know it works, and I have loads more storage space (which was one of the big reasons I needed to move in the first place).

But I tell you what, what horrible timing this all turned out to be! The past month in WoW has been AMAZING! Argus is absolutely everything I could have hoped for and more. I’m having so much fun running around there doing all the quests, experiencing some amazing lore and those cinematics!! SO AWESOME!! And then there was the lucid nightmare, and our raid team is back up and running and even this weekend alone has been eventful. And my poor blog challenge with Z has been awfully neglected while I try and get all of this blog stuff sorted out. Just terrible timing for it all.

BUT! I’m here again, and more excited than ever to be playing WoW and SO glad I have a place to share all my adventures again.

I hope you guys like the new layout! Something a little different 🙂 The front page was interesting to put together. I’ve also added some new pages, including a better looking Raiding Gallery, and a brand new Art Featuring Cinder page…which is kinda self explanatory.

I’m going to try and play catch up a bit and get some posts together about bits and pieces that have happened over the past month, as well as get up to speed on Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge and get some new topics posted. In the meantime, keep well!


Hello! I’m Cinder. It looks like you’ve stumbled across my little corner of the internet. Here you’ll find my adventures in gaming, particularly World of Warcraft. Check out my blog to read about what I’ve been up to lately. Want to know more about me? You can find that right…. here. 🙂

Hey guys just a quick heads up. I’m making some changes to my website over the coming days/weeks, so things might look a bit weird around here… hopefully I shouldn’t break anything!! But don’t freak out if I do, or if things look strange or broken or whatever. I’ll get it right at some point!

I’ll let you know when I’m back up and running properly. In the meantime, if you’re looking for other WoW blogs to read, go check out Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge (#ShamelessSelf-Plug)

See you laters!



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