We killed the heroic chicken!!!

We killed the heroic chicken!!!

It was pretty amazing. We spent probably 3- 31/2 hours getting him down (just over an hour Saturday and 2 and a bit today). The shot up the top shows what condition we were in when he died. Despite my almost 0 health in that shot and the incoming cheep on me, I actually managed to survive in the end (small miracle). You can also see the almost 0 mana I had. Even when he was down to 2% we were worried we wouldn’t get him. (well, I was worried) But get him we did! I was super lucky too and used a bonus roll and got myself a helm from him. After this weekend’s raid my ilvl is sitting at a pretty 522.

It was really great fun, though, and worth the effort. 🙂

Oh, in the chat you can see someone made a “Suck it team cupcake” – Our team is usually in the top 3 for the realm. However things have been going a bit downhill lately for a number of reasons. Anyway, another team formed on the server in the middle of the last tier called team cupcakes, and they started beating us, much to our displeasure. Getting this kill today bumped us back to being ranked 4th on the server and higher than team cupcakes. It was good motivation. 🙂

Snowfury II

I’ve been slowly levelling my lock in my spare timee. It’s funny, I’m still not overly fond of playing a lock, but I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I think because I think she’s pretty. I’ve always liked the way the female blood elves look. So very much the opposite of myself!

I find myself taking random screen shots of her in the world. I should take more, I think. This is my first Horde toon so I should be paying more attention in the world. 

Here she is at level 30 at Stromgarde Keep. I just really liked the scenery here. image

This one was taken today, not long after she dinged 35. One of the passive abilities she has causes little wild imps to spawn. I got myself quite the army this evening! 

This is Jintha’alor


Anyway, she’s coming along well. 🙂


Some silly things have been happening in my guild and raid team at the moment that have been making me pretty angry. So to run away from those problems, and because I was inspired by Zeirah’s wonderful WoW posts, I decided to make myself a Horde character. 

To be honest, Horde characters don’t appeal to me all that much. Other than blood elves and now pandaren, they’re all a bit… not nice looking. I’ve done the pandaren starting area about 5 times now, so wasn’t keen to do it again, so decided to make a blood elf. Meet Snowfury (all of my Alliance toons start with Cinder, all my Horde start with Snow – it’s a thing 🙂 ) 


I have one of almost all class, though only 4 are maxed to 90. I did have a gnome warlock but deleted her to make Snowfury. 

Straight off the bat, the blood elf starting area is pretty boring. (I’ve done it a few times – it’s been boring every time!) But I pushed through. When I was able to, I decided to queue for dungeons. I’ve never levelled doing dungeons, and honestly hadn’t even seen the classics, so this was actually pretty fun. And a much faster way to level, too (at this low level anyway). 

Here’s Snowfury when she got to level 20 – on her way to Hillsbrad Foothills.


I’m not a fan of the “sucubus” minion. She’s a bit of a slut to be honest. One of her spells is to run around and seduce enemies so they don’t hit me so much. And her whipping herself and going “ooh!” all the time is reeeaaallly annoying. 

At Hillsbrad Foothills I got to do one of the best quests I’ve done in this game by far. I had to pretend I was a quest giver and give our quests to “champions”. It was hilarious. You can tell the devs had a fun time with it. The third champion I had to give a quest to was called “Johnny Awesome”, a male blood elf. He rode up on his sparkly horse looking all buff and superior. Here’s his dialogue for it. The first part happens as he arrives, the second after I’ve given him his quest. 


Anyway, she’s at level 27 now. I only play her for a little awhile every now and again, but I like her. Warlocks don’t do a lot for me but I love their utilities- healthstones, soulstones, the portal thingies they have. So we’ll see how I go. At least it’s a nice way to see some of the Horde world. 

I has a bored

Today has not been the most productive of days. Although I did come up with a nice piece of alliteration “I find your fascination with fluids funny!”
There’s something almost dirty about the word “fluids”. Or maybe it’s just me. It makes me think of bodily functions (some fun, others less fun).

Apparently my disdain for Nickleback is not universally shared. I’m appalled by this. So much so I’m going to devote a whole entry about them in the future.

In the meantime, here’s what my day has been like:

It’s scary how many of these I’ve thought. To be fair, I haven’t thought about setting the building on fire… mostly because that would take a fair bit of effort, and if I went to the effort of setting the building on fire I could go to the effort of doing, oh, anything else really.

Also, rather than thinking about where I’d hide if a coworker went on a killing spree, I have thought about (in great detail) who that person going on the killing spree would be. (not me! Again, planning = effort = counterproductive to my lazy nature). It turned out to be the HR/Accounts guy at the time.

Well, I’ve killed off a sufficient amount of time, and now I get to go to the pub. Woo!


Ps: I feel like I need to come up with some sort of witty sign off for this blog. Except I’m not exceptionally witty. Someone else come up with something for me?

New Girl in Town

I posted that title and now I have the song from Hairspray stuck in my head. 

The point is, hello blogging world, I have arrived! I’m not very good at keeping these things up to date, but I will try. I even have a proper entry all lined up! It’ll knock yer socks off! (if you’re wearing them).