Last Sunday morning I had the absolute delight and pleasure to be a guest on Stone and Leeta’s show, WoW Challenges Podcast. I had such a lovely time with them, and was super excited to get to speak to Stone for the first time ever. I just love guesting on podcasts! I get all warm and fuzzy in the tummy because everyone is just SO DARN NICE! And I come away from it all feeling really good and happy. I imagine it’s a very (very!!) small indication of what going to Blizzcon would be like.

If you’d like to see/hear the show you can check it out at the WoW Challenges website or in all the usual podcast places.

For those who don’t know, there are a series of challenges that people like to participate in within game. The most well known of these challenges is the Iron Man challenge, where you cannot wear any gear above white quality, and you CANNOT DIE (among other things)! It’s not the the faint of heart, that’s for sure! I took up the challenge some time ago, and have been working on another attempt very casually since then. It’s very tricky with raiding and what not to spend time on this challenge, but it is SO much fun! You can read all of my posts about this  in my Iron Man Challenge! section of my website.

My current Iron Man toon is level 34. She is a hunter named Cindermori, and has a moth pet named Flappers. She’s currently in Stonetalon Mountains and is just about to head over to her next zone.


Cindermori at level 34, with her pet Flappers

As I said in the show, I’m VERY slow to do this. I really take my time, and get most of my experience through the quests themselves, rather than killing mobs I think, given most get to green. Which I don’t mind. There’s something really calming about being able to take my sweet time with things. 🙂

I’m hoping to get some more time to play Cindermori again, but with Nighthold out now, I can’t see it happening for awhile. There is another challenge contest that will be held during April – I’m hoping I can get in on that one!

In the meantime, I thoroughly encourage anyone who’s looking for something unique and challenging to do in WoW to check out the WoW Challenges website and try one of the challenges on there. It’s a LOT of fun!

And thank you again to Stone and Leeta for letting me on their show 😀




How I’m playing IronMan

I’m doing the IronMan Challenge! I’ve created a page with all of my IronMan related posts for anyone who wants to keep track of my progress. You can find it here:


So the official rules that I am following are available on the WoW Challenges site, and are pretty straight forward. But it does take some planning and thinking about how to actually approach this challenge. There are also some grey areas that require you to make a decision about how you’re actually going to participate in the challenge.


Ok so the biggest issue I’ve faced both times with doing this is gold. I have made the decision (and I’m sticking to it!) that I will not be sending my toons any gold or bags or anything that has been bought with gold from another toon. Which makes Cindermori broke to say the least. This is a challenge in itself! It’s really important to make sure you loot everything and vendor anything you don’t need. It will start to add up, especially as you get to higher levels. You’ll also have all the gear/weapons that you get from quest rewards that you can’t use that you can vendor and make some gold with too.

The other thing I’ve done to help out with the gold situation is to have another toon solely dedicated to auctioning the BoE greens/blues that drop while levelling. I even have a story it! Her name is Shadowrella, and I imagined the two met randomly in Exodar one day (Shadowrella (she’s human) out to see a bit more of the world). They fall in love, but are completely broke. Cindermori takes on the IronMan challenge to earn them both some gold so that they can set up their own home when Cindermori returns. So Shadowrella has taken up temporary residence in the big city of Stormwind, where she waits each day for mail from Cindermori, containing the materials they need to help save for their future. Any gold made from the items that sell in the auction house is sent back to Cindermori to support her on her adventures, with a little tucked away in savings.

It’s silly, I know, but I think it’s sweet. And it means potentially some extra cash to help buy Cindermori some more gear to make her more survivable.


Ok this one I’m a little more lenient on. The only rule about mounts is to not use the heirloom mount. Not having this, this isn’t an issue for me (but I wouldn’t have used it anyway!) Other than that, nothing else is said on the matter. Some people believe you should have to buy the mounts again, even if you already have them, to replicate the gold sink of purchasing them. I’m not doing this. There aren’t any mounts (other then the heirloom mount) that give a player any sort of advantage, so I see no reason why she can’t use any of the mounts available. They’re all slowed down to the speed Cindermori is able to travel at, and she still needs to purchase the ability to ride them, so I think that’s plenty. That and I have some really pretty mounts!

General gameplay

So in terms of gameplay, I’m winging it and playing with only Elvui as an addon. Nothing else. I normally have a levelling guide when I’m levelling old content, but not for this. I don’t even have any rare spawn trackers either (which nearly killed me earlier!! Ran right in to a stealthed rare mob!).

I’m running around a lot, and generally killing everything I see, for two reasons:

  1. Loot
    This is the only way you’re going to get gear, other than buying it from vendors. And given how little gold I have, I can’t do this often. So I kill everything I can. Today was particularly lucrative, with a new pair of boots, gloves and legs all dropping for me just this afternoon.
  2. Extra experience
    Because your gear is lower than what it would be if you were wearing the greens/blues used for questing, you’re a lot squishier and it takes longer to kill things. So stay in zones as long as you can. (though once you stop gaining XP from kills, of course movie on).

I’m not eating food. The rules are clear that you can’t use pots or flasks or get food buffs, but I’m a bit unsure as to whether or not I can eat food for just general health regen. So rather than risk it, I’m just not having any.

One thing I am uncertain about is external buffs. The rules state that external buffs are not permitted, and I did have to wonder if that meant buffs from other players. E.g. if I’m out killing things in the world and a lovely mage happens to wander by, and in an act of kindness, casts Arcane Brilliance on me. Will I be disqualified for that? I’m hoping not, because something like that is completely out of my hands (and is also not out of the realm of possibility – people do this all the time to help out the levellers!).


  • Know your class!
    I can’t stress this enough. I would still be going on my first attempt if I had have been more knowledgable of the hunter class. I was chased down by an elite level 85 NPC. I ran for it hoping he’d leash, but he didn’t. He caught up with me, sneezed on me (ok probably actually hit me, but anyway) and I died. If I had have thought it about it properly, I should have run away, disengaged even further away so I was out of range and smashed my Shadowmeld immediately to drop the threat. My pet would have died, but I probably wouldn’t have. So yeah – know your class!
  • Buy some extra bags when you can.
    You need to kill everything and loot everything. Your bags are going to get full very quickly, so do yourself a favour and get some extra bags when you can. (even the little ones will help!)
  • Be patient
    You are far weaker than you realise. Take your time, and think about what mobs are around you before charging in. Hunter tracking is amazing for this, and will help you immensely. Try and get your mobs away from others so you don’t pull too many at once.
  • Be alert
    Number one rule is that you can’t die. So it makes sense that you are completely alert while you’re doing this. If you’re half asleep, you’re going to miss the mob around the corner who is going to bring its friends with it, and they’re going to kill you, and you’re going to fail. So take my word for it – do this when you’re able to pay attention. It may mean you only play for an hour at a time, but so be it. Better than than failing because you got distracted.
  • Have fun!
    This, above all else, is supposed to be fun. It’s a challenge, yes, but it shouldn’t be a chore. This is a whole other level of gameplay in World of Warcraft. It’s designed to challenge you. But I tell you what, you get a lot more small victories doing this than you probably ever have levelling normally.

This is just how I’m doing things – might not work for everyone, but it’s a start.

So that’s about it. I hope this helps a couple of people. If there’s something else you’re curious about that I didn’t cover in here, drop me an ask and I’ll be happy to help.

IronMan attempt 2 – Cindermori

After Ironcinder’s tragic death last week, I decided to start a new character and have another go at the IronMan Challenge.

I have made another hunter, but this time she’s Draenei, and I already feel more confident about this attempt. She’s kick ass and hot all at once!

I’ve only completed the Draenei starting area once before as a paladin, and I found it to be pretty boring. This time around though it wasn’t as bad. Although I had so many issues with bag space! It was terribly annoying having to run back to a vendor to clear out bags and then make my way back where I was. There’s an awful lot of running around that needs to be done in this area. Thank goodness for autorun!

There’s also pretending to be a tree on a beach… I think her moth pet really makes it look totally legit. 😉

I’ve been powering through and Cindermori is now at level 20. She’s just finished off the quest line that rewards the Tabard of the Hand. If you haven’t done it, it’s worth doing the start area just for this. Whilst you get a tabard (which I actually quite like!) the best part is actually when all the NPCs in the area (and even some chickens!) line up and cheer for you because you’re so awesome. Definitely very good for the ego.

She’s still got a handful of quests to go in the area that need to be finished off before she moves on in to scarier parts of the world. But for now, she’s 20!

Ironcinder – dead at 29

Sadly, Ironcinder died today, thus bringing an end to this attempt at the IronMan Challenge. She was level 29, and strayed just a little too close to a Horde area. An elite level 85 guard decided to sneeze on her, and she died in half a tragic second.

Ironcinder’s challenge – 20-25

I played Ironcinder a little more today and got her to 25 (For those just tuning in, you can read about my stupid idea here.)

20-25 took me through the last of Darkshore and on to Ashenvale. It has been relatively smooth sailing, but I am taking things very slowly. Very slowly. I only play her when I’m wide awake and able to give her my full attention, which means this is going to take an awfully long time to get done.

Today’s highlights included naming my first pet. Night elf hunters start with a beautiful tiger called “Cat”. I felt she needed a proper name, and me being childish, I named her “Meowzers”. I think it suits her. Here she is being all stealthy:


While out near Blackfathom Deeps I cam across some hydras, and remembered hunters could now tame them! So Ironcinder got her second pet. And again, because I’m immature, he’s named “HailHydra” 😀


I had a close shave at Maestra’s Post in Ashenvale. It was one of those quests you have an entourage and there are way too many mobs and it’s all supposed to be ok. But of course Ironcinder is weak and struggles a bit. And silly pets like to pull too many mobs. AND silly me forgot I had Aspect of the Cheetah on, so while trying to run away she kept getting stunned. It was a close shave, and she had to rest for some time before heading off again.

She dinged 25 in Astranaar, and that’s where I’ll leave her for now. She can deal with all the fires a little later…

This is easily the stupidest thing I’ve decided to do in game, but I’m doing it anyway. I have decided to take on the Iron Man Challenge.

For those of you playing at home who don’t know what the Iron Man Challenge is, it’s a crazy challenge to get a toon to max level with nothing higher than white gear. And you can’t die. Ever. If you die, you’re done. You also can’t choose talents or specialisations or glyphs or use flasks or pots or do raids or dungeons or have professions (other than first aid). Oh god what am I doing?!

Given the biggest rule is don’t die, I immediately took myself over to a non-PVP server. I went back to my roots to Aman’Thul and created a night elf hunter – Ironcinder.

Going hunter is an obvious choice here – have a pet, let it tank for you so you don’t get hit too much. Hunters also have feign death which I’m sure will come in handy! And also, they’re fun to play. I was tossing up between draenei and night elf for the race, and eventually went with night elf for the shadowmeld racial. Again, something that I think will come in handy. And she looks pretty.

There’s a fantastic site that’s up that helps track your progress, and will let you know if you’ve broken any of the rules. It’s called WoW Challenges. I’m on there now!

This isn’t something I’m going to go all “hardcore” on. I imagine this is going to take a very long time to complete, and I’m ok with that. I like the idea of having a long standing achievement going (even though there isn’t an in-game achieve for this). I’m also really enjoying being Alliance again. Everything is pretty! And people are nice and not cranky at you! Such a nice change. I also enjoy having something thatI can do by myself. I do like playing with other people, but I always feel pressured to go faster than I want to when I quest with others. So it’s nice to just plod along at my own pace.

Ironcinder is currently sitting by a river in Darnassus, contemplating the difficult challenge ahead…