My Spoiler Policy

On the very wise advice of Alternative Chat, I’m posting my spoiler policy to let my readers know what to expect on my blog between now and when Legion comes out (or any other game for that matter!)

so, here’s the deal:

I will not deliberately post plot spoilers on this blog. Story means everything to me, and I know it means a lot to others, too. I respect you all as readers so I will not be the one to destroy the story for you by leaking it to you before you are ready.

You will be warned if a link I post will take you to where spoilers are. Plain and simple. Some people may want to see the content – that’s fine. I won’t be posting it on my blog, but I may provide links to those who want to dig further. I will always warn you first, though. (Having said that, be mindful that sites like mmo-champion and wowhead are pretty rife with spoilers right now, so be careful)

I will talk about content Blizzard has formally announced. If Blizzard posts it on their website or twitter account, it’s considered public information and I will more than likely discuss it on here.

I (probably) will talk about game elements that are not yet released. This is they type of datamining that I find beneficial. It includes things like class and spec information, new UI elements – stuff like that. I will not talk about specific things that may give away story line (such as Class Hall previews etc.) again, unless they’re publicly posted by Blizzard.
For me, the whole point of beta/alpha testing is about making sure mechanics work – that classes and specs do what they’re supposed to do, that new UI elements actually work. This can only be done through testing and discussion. Again, if any of these reveal plot spoilers I won’t be sharing, but that is highly unlikely. And I will put something in the title so you know what is coming if this is content you don’t want to see.

What I consider spoilers

Anything that gives away plot information I consider to be a spoiler. This includes:

  • quest text
  • raid/dungeon bosses
  • cinematics
  • voice over
  • some screenshots (e.g. Class Hall previews)

What I don’t consider to be a spoilers

  • class/spec mechanics, including spells etc.
  • UI changes
  • anything Blizzard publicly releases on their website or via their twitter account


If you’ve got any questions, let me know!

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