Cinderleaf I’m a bit late with #DruidWeek. Stupid back being crap and all.  So Druids… I really want to like them, I do – I just don’t. I’ve tried heaps of times. I had one up to level… Read More


Cindecay So the lovely Z posted about Alt Appreciation week that she saw on World of Lae’s blog. I thought it was an awesome idea so here I am! Week 1 is Death Knight. My DK actually has a… Read More

Snowfury II

I’ve been slowly levelling my lock in my spare timee. It’s funny, I’m still not overly fond of playing a lock, but I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I think because I think she’s… Read More


Some silly things have been happening in my guild and raid team at the moment that have been making me pretty angry. So to run away from those problems, and because I was inspired by Zeirah’s wonderful WoW… Read More