Tying a bow on 2018

Another year is coming to a close. It’s always a time for us to look back and reflect on the year, to celebrate our achievements and say goodbye to perhaps some of the sadder moments that have happened…. Read More

What to do in 2018

2018 is a big year for many reasons. The most obvious being that World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Battle for Azeroth will be coming out. awww yeah!

A look back at what was in the bucket of 2017

We’ve put up two challenges for the rest of December over at Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge. Partly because we couldn’t decide what order to post them in, and partly (ok mostly!) because we’re just so busy these… Read More

Taking advantage of pet battle bonus week

This weekend I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my back so have been taking it easy. Which means a lot of time in WoW. This week’s bonus event is one of my favourites, the Pet Battle… Read More

It’s on the list!

Even though Legion is probably still quite some time away, many people are already in the end of expansion wind down. Some people are unsubbing temporarily, whilst others, like myself, are making a bucket list of things to… Read More