Class mounts – complete!

It has been a very long time coming (thanks my slow-ass levelling skills) but this weekend I finally finished collecting all of the class mounts. I’m officially finished!


Blog challenge – saddest quest

My lovely friend Zeirah and I are challenging each other with a weekly blog post. We choose a topic and both write about. This week’s topic is the saddest quest in Legion. You can read Z’s post about her favourite right here.

Legendary Tarecgosa

Well, it took me 9 months of on and off farming, but I have finally finished the Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest legendary quest line.  During the countless Firelands runs I did, I managed to see Flametalon of Alysrazor drop twice,… Read More

Awake the Drakes!

Cinderanged of the Black Harvest on her Emerald Drake (reward from the new Awake the Drakes achievement).  I haven’t had a chance to take her out and see what the warlock changes are like (given she’s an Alt, this… Read More

Celestial Tournament, I’m coming for you!

Pic from I can be pretty obsessive. (Shame I can’t be obsessive about eating right and exercising, but that’s for another time!) When I set my mind to something in WoW, I don’t stop until it’s done. It’s… Read More

Netherwind drakes!

Finished the Netherwing rep grind the other day and got my drakes! This little guy is my favourite of the 6. 

Thanks Onyxia

Thanks, Onyxia! I was up a bit early this morning so ran Onyxia’s lair before starting work, and this beauty dropped for me. Super lucky, indeed!

Sometimes lag cracks me up

Sometimes lag cracks me up