Sometimes raiding is hysterical (raiding outtakes)

We’ve been progressing on mythic Jaina for 2 weeks now. We’re at 200 pulls and seeing third phase, so we’re actually doing pretty well in comparison to some other guilds. But it is a hard slog, without a… Read More

Sometimes lag cracks me up

Sometimes lag cracks me up

What the WoW fox say?

During the great Friday the 13th hot"fix" death of all instances, my boyfriend got a little bored. He placed the following in game support ticket: I have a question. What the fox say? This was the response from… Read More

I has a bored

Today has not been the most productive of days. Although I did come up with a nice piece of alliteration “I find your fascination with fluids funny!” There’s something almost dirty about the word “fluids”. Or maybe it’s… Read More