A winner is me!

Look what I won!!!! I was so super lucky to win lookingforazeroth’s 1000 follower competition. I was allowed to pick a mount from the blizz store and chose this little fella. I figured having a mount that flies… Read More

Farewell MoP

Really loved this. I know a lot of people didn’t like this expansion, but for me it’s the first I’ve played from beginning to end and I’ve loved it (even with a year of Siege of Orgrimmar). Everything… Read More

Farewell Mists of Pandaria <3

Farewell, Pandaria. I’m going to miss you! 

Brawler’s Guild – all done!

Brawler’s Guild – done! Yet another thing that I didn’t think I’d have the skill or time to do. Out of curiosity I took my shaman in to Brawler’s Guild to for a bit of a muck around…. Read More

Wanderer’s Festival

Green fire

So yesterday I got it in my head that I’d get green fire on my warlock. Now let me preface this by saying that I SUCK at playing a warlock. I’m honestly beyond useless at it. I levelled… Read More

Challenge Modes – Paladin!

I got Challenge modes on my pally!! I’m really pleased with myself, because I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to heal Challenge Modes to gold. And yet, here I am!  I love the paladin set. I particularly… Read More

Celestial Tournament part III – VICTORY!!

Pic from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/ Well, my stubbornness has paid off. Last night I finished levelling the last of my pets to 25, so off I went to try my hand at the Celestial Tournament. I was actually really nervous… Read More