Class mounts – complete!

It has been a very long time coming (thanks my slow-ass levelling skills) but this weekend I finally finished collecting all of the class mounts. I’m officially finished!


By the light!

The alt that I have been working on lately has been my priest. I’ve never been very good at being a priest. Shadow just doesn’t mesh well with me, and I didn’t really like holy last time I… Read More

A horse with a new home

Today has been a good day. This morning I got up a bit earlier than I had planned because the sun was in my eyes and I needed to pee. And no matter how long I tried to… Read More

Thoughts on 6.2.3 (without the table flipping)

Edited: I misread the cross-realm information – Cross-realm Mythic raiding is EXCELLENT news! It’s quite daunting waking up to see twitter exploding with opinions about some WoW news that was released while I was asleep. One of the… Read More

Cinder gets the cindermane charger!! I’ve wanted this mount since the preview came out ages ago. When it didn’t appear in game I waited and I waited. Finally it shows up – as a recruit a friend mount. And… Read More

Thanks Alysrazor!

So I took my mage in to firelands for a solo run of Alysrazor last night and this happened…

Mage challenge mode done!

Got challenge modes on my mage the other day. She’s so pretty!

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider

Got this awesome mount tonight for finishing the Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider achievement. My guild are so lovely and did 2 extra runs for me this week just so I could finish off the Paragons part of the… Read More

Netherwind drakes!

Finished the Netherwing rep grind the other day and got my drakes! This little guy is my favourite of the 6. 

Thanks Onyxia

Thanks, Onyxia! I was up a bit early this morning so ran Onyxia’s lair before starting work, and this beauty dropped for me. Super lucky, indeed!

Aww yeah Aeonaxx!!

I only found out about the Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount last night – a drop from the super rare Aeonaxx in Deepholm (someone in guild said Cata’s equivalent of the Time Lost Proto-Drake).  I flew around for about 10… Read More

20 Days of Blogging – Day 5

Day 01 – Introduce yourselfDay 02 – Why you decided to start a blogDay 03 – Your first day playing WoWDay 04 – Your best WoW memoryDay 05 – Favourite item(s) in gameDay 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo… Read More

Mountain O Mounts

Finally got my Mountain O Mounts achieve. Sure I had to buy a mount to get it, but look how awesome that mount matches my mage’s transmog! #bitaddicted