Classy! part 2

One of my goals during the summer down time has been to unlock all of my class halls. Today, I finished that. This is Part 2…


Oh holy… paladin

Well ok that’s a misleading title. I keep getting random Christmas songs in my head so I dunno, it just happened. So earlier this week I was bumming around damaging eternity by killing time just kinda not really… Read More

Cindelaera makes it to 100

Today my paladin dinged 100. So to celebrate I made her a lovely blue transmog. I actually really like this set. The blue in the pants is lovely. She’s still got her MoP legendary cloak because RNG-sus is… Read More

Challenge Modes – Paladin!

I got Challenge modes on my pally!! I’m really pleased with myself, because I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to heal Challenge Modes to gold. And yet, here I am!  I love the paladin set. I particularly… Read More

A change is as good as a holiday

… or so the wise Zeirah has told me. 🙂  I am very fortunate – I have some lovely people in my life, I really do. After my giant whinge the other day about how miserable I have… Read More

Holy paladin silhouettes

So I came across this great post the other day that showed an awesome spot to take some silhouette screenshots. I decided to give it a go today on my pally. It was a lot of fun! And… Read More