Taking advantage of pet battle bonus week

This weekend I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my back so have been taking it easy. Which means a lot of time in WoW. This week’s bonus event is one of my favourites, the Pet Battle… Read More

and then….

Now it’s just getting weird. First there was my weekend pet surprises, then yesterday I got even more, and then today – 2 more!  This morning from my garrison daily pet battle, I got the Albino Chimaeraling: Then… Read More

And the pets just keep coming…

After all the good fortune I had with pets and mounts over the weekend, I thought that would be it for awhile. So imagine my shock when, from my second Big Bag of Pet Supplies I managed to get… Read More

Celestial Tournament part III – VICTORY!!

Pic from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/ Well, my stubbornness has paid off. Last night I finished levelling the last of my pets to 25, so off I went to try my hand at the Celestial Tournament. I was actually really nervous… Read More

Celestial tournament part II – training

So I’m still working on getting my team together for the celestial tournament. (part I is here for those who missed it). I’ve been using a spreadsheet to help me keep track of the pets I need to… Read More

Celestial Tournament, I’m coming for you!

Pic from https://petcharge.wordpress.com/category/celestial-tournament-2/ I can be pretty obsessive. (Shame I can’t be obsessive about eating right and exercising, but that’s for another time!) When I set my mind to something in WoW, I don’t stop until it’s done. It’s… Read More