Uuna <3

One of the more recent secrets discovered by the amazing Secret Finding Discord is a story line involving a pet from Argus named Uuna. Instead of giving a mount or a pet or achievement, this quest line is… Read More

Here comes the sun…darter hatchling

So the secret finding community has been at it again, and with the launch of 7.2.5 they discovered how to get the gorgeous Sun Darter Hatchling pet. It’s quite the puzzle, and incredible of them to have figured it out! 

Terky time!

Like a lot of others, I saw this post from wowhead on twitter, announcing the discovery of Terky’s* location: Players have discovered how to get a new murloc pet in game! http://t.co/Sr3bVgdA9W pic.twitter.com/YZzlJav1uS — Wowhead (@Wowhead) October 18, 2015… Read More

All the achieves

I’ve been spending some time getting a few more achievements under my belt. Earlier this week I finally collected the pets I needed to get the So.Many.Pets achievement and get myself a little Stormwing. He’s quite the cutie! This… Read More

And the pets just keep coming…

After all the good fortune I had with pets and mounts over the weekend, I thought that would be it for awhile. So imagine my shock when, from my second Big Bag of Pet Supplies I managed to get… Read More

Be good to each other :)

Just had a very lovely moment in WoW that I wanted to share with you all (given there’s so much negativity going around at the moment, perhaps a nice story will help?) I was hanging around on the… Read More

Higher Learning

My gorgeous new Kirin Tor Familiar from completing the Higher Learning achievement in Dalaran. Took me about a month to get in the end, but well worth it.