Don’t bring me down

I’ve been pretty quiet here on my blog recently, and for pretty good reason. I’m angry. Well, actually, that’s an understatement. I’m down right pissed off. And up until now I’ve figured it was better to just stay… Read More

The cranky pants are on!

I’m angry. And probably not for the reasons you think. There are less than 8 hours until the opening ceremony of Blizzcon, and there have been two pretty big leaks – one about Overwatch and one about World… Read More

Ranty ranty

wow-images: Bladespire/Karabor cut due to time constraints, not lore reasons according to bashiok. The people in this post are so darn rude. Look, I get people are disappointed that there won’t be new faction cities in WoD. It… Read More


I have rage-quit 2 LFRs this week out of sheer frustration of inconsiderate people. (As a side note – LFR is the only raiding option available to me at the moment, given I am not in a raid… Read More