Trial of Style – Cinder’s tips!

This week one of the most anticipated micro-holidays finally rolled around- the Trial of Style. A micro-holiday all about transmog!!! It really is a lot of fun. It does help to go in prepared, so I thought I’d… Read More

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 17: Playing dress-ups

Anyone who knows me knows that I love collecting transmog pieces.

Restoration shaman treats

I have been extremely lucky this evening…

Z and Cinder’s blog challenge topic 5: Cinder, NPC

I don’t know about others, but for me the dream is to have an NPC named after me in WoW. I know, so lame, but how awesome would that be?! Getting to see yourself in game – what a treat! But what would an NPC in WoW be like if it were based on me? Now that I had to think about.

The Dreamer

It’s been a pretty successful week of raiding this week!

Pre-patch adventures

I knew going in to this new patch that there would be some big changes, and that things might not work. So I didn’t hold my breath that things would be ok.

OpenRaid Transmog contest

OpenRaid’s transmog contest has ended for another year and the winners have been announced. A video has been put together of the finalists in the Grand Prize, and the placing prize winners in each of the theme categories…. Read More

Earthen warlock

Earthen Warlock I got these robes from my salvage yard on my shaman. I have them already on my mage so sent them over to my warlock. This set came together very quickly, and I love it. It’s… Read More


Oh hello, Hatespark! Don’t we look pretty? I’ve wanted Hatespark the Tiny ever since I saw his little model come out. The drop rate to get him is sooooo low (0.03% chance, according to Wowhead, though I didn’t… Read More

Got my shammy a new outfit today. Had maxed out JP for ages so spent them on a few of the Relentless Gladiator’s Earthshaker pieces. I bought the helm, too, but after wearing it for a bit decided… Read More

A change is as good as a holiday

… or so the wise Zeirah has told me. 🙂  I am very fortunate – I have some lovely people in my life, I really do. After my giant whinge the other day about how miserable I have… Read More

Mountain O Mounts

Finally got my Mountain O Mounts achieve. Sure I had to buy a mount to get it, but look how awesome that mount matches my mage’s transmog! #bitaddicted