Classy! part 2

One of my goals during the summer down time has been to unlock all of my class halls. Today, I finished that. This is Part 2…

Earthen warlock

Earthen Warlock I got these robes from my salvage yard on my shaman. I have them already on my mage so sent them over to my warlock. This set came together very quickly, and I love it. It’s… Read More

Awake the Drakes!

Cinderanged of the Black Harvest on her Emerald Drake (reward from the new Awake the Drakes achievement).  I haven’t had a chance to take her out and see what the warlock changes are like (given she’s an Alt, this… Read More

Green fire

So yesterday I got it in my head that I’d get green fire on my warlock. Now let me preface this by saying that I SUCK at playing a warlock. I’m honestly beyond useless at it. I levelled… Read More


Snowfury dinged 40 tonight, and I just had to share her latest mount. It’s a horse on FIRE with freaking HORNS sticking out of it!!! (my bf is calling it a flaming multicorn 😀 ) Like seriously, if… Read More

Snowfury II

I’ve been slowly levelling my lock in my spare timee. It’s funny, I’m still not overly fond of playing a lock, but I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I think because I think she’s… Read More


Some silly things have been happening in my guild and raid team at the moment that have been making me pretty angry. So to run away from those problems, and because I was inspired by Zeirah’s wonderful WoW… Read More