A question of valor

So there has been a couple of edits to the patch notes for 6.2.3. I wrote about my initial thoughts on 6.2.3 in a post last week (which you can check out here if you are so inclined!)… Read More

Thoughts on 6.2.3 (without the table flipping)

Edited: I misread the cross-realm information – Cross-realm Mythic raiding is EXCELLENT news! It’s quite daunting waking up to see twitter exploding with opinions about some WoW news that was released while I was asleep. One of the… Read More

Brawling for gems and followers

This past weekend I spent some time in the Brawler’s Guild Arena in an attempt to get a new follower and a gem pattern. Meatball

Where are all the raiders?

martymuses: cinder-says: This seems to be the mantra of mythic guilds everywhere – where are all the raiders? Where are the people who want to kick bosses in the face? Where are the people who want to hang… Read More

Awake the Drakes!

Cinderanged of the Black Harvest on her Emerald Drake (reward from the new Awake the Drakes achievement).  I haven’t had a chance to take her out and see what the warlock changes are like (given she’s an Alt, this… Read More

my favourite mount

Do you have a bucket load of mounts? Do you have a hard time choosing a favourite to keep on your action bars? Do you forget that awesome mount you got that one time that you used only… Read More

Ranty ranty

wow-images: Bladespire/Karabor cut due to time constraints, not lore reasons according to bashiok. The people in this post are so darn rude. Look, I get people are disappointed that there won’t be new faction cities in WoD. It… Read More

WoD beta testing- through the dark portal

Emerging from the dark portal (shame none of my transmog works in beta!)

WoD beta testing- toy box!!

Toy box! One of the things I’ve been looking forward to most of all in WoD is the promise of more bag space. They’re implementing a number of features, such as extra bank tabs, double void storage, and… Read More

WoD beta testing – new ghost wolf form

love the new spectral ghost wolf form on beta!

Monk tanking adventures

Well I’m finally home again. After a few hiccups, I managed to get my access to the WoD beta working, but can’t actually connect to anything. Doesn’t seem to like me! Which is disappointing because I’m really keen… Read More