Durumu is down! So proud of these guys. It was the third week we’d been able to have a crack at getting this guy down. Each attempt we got a little closer, and the mistakes were fewer. We… Read More


My UI Zeirah did a great post recently about her UI (User Interface) so thought I’d share mine. My UI is pretty much the same for all of my toons no matter what spec – only difference being that… Read More


Snowfury dinged 40 tonight, and I just had to share her latest mount. It’s a horse on FIRE with freaking HORNS sticking out of it!!! (my bf is calling it a flaming multicorn 😀 ) Like seriously, if… Read More


And Ji-Kun down, too! Quite a successful weekend. Love that we all had feathers for the photo 🙂 Except Shogun who’s napping from all the hard work hehe


And Megaera is down! 🙂

Here’s an announcement

I have made a decision. It’s pretty important to me, which is why I’m announcing it on here.  So given most of the people who follow me don’t know me, you should know  some things about me. Writing… Read More

We killed the heroic chicken!!!

We killed the heroic chicken!!! It was pretty amazing. We spent probably 3- 31/2 hours getting him down (just over an hour Saturday and 2 and a bit today). The shot up the top shows what condition we… Read More

Snowfury II

I’ve been slowly levelling my lock in my spare timee. It’s funny, I’m still not overly fond of playing a lock, but I have a bit of a soft spot for her. I think because I think she’s… Read More


So these are my guys! And this was our Tortos kill from last week. We had actually gotten him down the week before but I hadn’t thought to take a screen shot until last week. So proud of… Read More


Some silly things have been happening in my guild and raid team at the moment that have been making me pretty angry. So to run away from those problems, and because I was inspired by Zeirah’s wonderful WoW… Read More