(yeah I feel dirty about the title, too!)

So this weekend I found myself drawn once more to my mage. This always happens – when I feel a bit lost for something to do, I fall back on to my mage. I’m pretty sure it’s the portals – it makes getting around the world so easy! But also, she’s super pretty and I like blowing things up with my spells.

At the moment she’s playing as Arcane, which is super easy. Her gear is still low so she’s not very strong, which means she does die when I pull too many mobs in Tanaan. But the rotation is quite straight forward and gets the job done.

This weekend I did my Tol Barad dailies with her each day (still got a little while to go yet, and will lose about 4 days because of my holiday this week). I ran her through Dragon Soul (still need the Ultraxion mount!) and will do ICC tonight. I then decided that I’d get her the legendary ring. I haven’t really been too bothered with it on any of my alts yet. My warlock is up to the point where she needs to get the from Hellfire Citadel; my paladin has all of her Abrogator Stones, but still needs the tomes from Highmaul; and my mage is now up to the Abrogator Stone collecting stage and the tomes.

I really should finish the quest line on my warlock – she’s not far away from finishing it at all. It’s just that I’m soooo bad at playing her that it makes the experience a bit more harrowing than it needs to be.

Anyway, back to my mage. I think I’ve been playing her a lot more lately because I still haven’t really decided what my main alt will be in Legion. My shaman will always be my main, but I usually have a “main alt” that’s not too far behind her. For WoD is was my warlock, but I’m just terrible at her. I feel like I’ve really let her down.

I find myself always falling back to my mage and my paladin. They were my first 2 toons so it makes sense that I do this. And I do love them. I think I’m leaning more towards my mage at the moment because the Fire Mage Artifact Weapon – Felo’melorn – is absolutely gorgeous. **POSSIBLE SPOILERS – wowhead have some images of the variants of Felo’melorn right here. (These were seen during the Blizzcon presentation, too.). Don’t click if you don’t want to see theses!! The model second from the left is right up my alley!**

Also, as fire mage, they have an ability called Cinderstorm!! (which was like, totally named after my shaman hehe) But seriously, I’ve always really enjoyed playing fire, I’ve just always been very unlucky with critical strike so my numbers were always low. And it’s a lot slower to play, so hasn’t always been practical for levelling (which may still be the case in Legion!) but I just really like fire so it suits me well.

So with all of that in mind, I’m going to work to get my mage kitted out in at least LFR gear in time for Legion so that if I do decide to play her, she’ll do alright.

Anyway, those were my magey adventures this weekend! Got a bit of work to do with her, but she’ll get there 🙂

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