This evening I was pottering around Dalaran. I went to visit Nomi who had burned some of my food (though was kind enough to save some of the ingredients to give back to me!). I wandered out of the kitchen and noticed a door I had been running past all expansion. Of course I had to go see what was in there. I expected it to just be a small room or something. What I found instead was a fully decked out beer garden!!


Seriously, how awesome is it?

There is a small patio with a little table and chairs for those who like a quiet corner for a chat…

The main beer garden itself has loads of space for all your mates, food galore, and two lovely ladies available to serve you a range of alcoholic beverages. There’s even a hearthstone set!

The building you can find this behind is called A Hero’s Welcome, and is Alliance only.

A Hero’s Welcome

To find the beer garden, take the door to the left (you can see Nomi in the kitchen on the right!)

Nomi is in the kitchen in the door to the right. The beer garden is accessed through the door on the left of the bar. 

The rest of the inn has some interesting things in it – there’s a crate of hearthstones just laying around, some… questionable artwork, really lovely ceiling work in the bedroom, and at the top of the building, a lovely sitting area that overlooks Dalaran.

I love finding things like this. Especially in areas that I’m in on a daily basis. Sometimes you just have to not do the same thing you do every day to notice these extra bits and pieces.

7 responses to “Cheers!”

  1. I wish they still had the Violet Citadel portal you could take to the top of the tower. There was a nice quiet bar there. If you had higher learning achievement if I recall.

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  2. I remember finding this a long while ago when I was still alliance. I don’t think Horde has anything like it in their inn. I shall have to go have a look.
    I love that crate of hearthstones 🙂

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