Get to the Point!

This week has been absolutely jam packed with stuff to do in WoW. It’s been an absolute blast! But since patch 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras dropped live earlier this week, I’ve been disappointed to see my timeline so full of negativity. There have been waves of anger and complaining coming in at every direction, and it has been making me really cross. It was starting to bring me down. And I could write up a post to whinge about player behaviour (again!) that no-one will read or will think applies to them, but I’m not doing that this time. This time, I’m going to fill your timelines with positivity and all the brilliant things that are in the game at the moment.

But I will say this. For those of you who say the patch is a waste of time, or that there’s nothing to it or that “this, that and the other” is stupid, please remember:

  • You are responsible for how you play the game
  • You are responsible for your own enjoyment of the game
  • Please stop blaming Blizzard for things that you actually have control over.

Get out there and have some fun! And if for any reason you can’t find it please have some consideration for those of us who absolutely love this, and who you are bringing down with constant negativity.

Now, on to the good stuff – a bucket load of screen shots and adventures!

Deliverance Point

Patch 7.2 started for us Aussies on Wednesday morning, and when I logged in Khadgar was there, ready to start the charge to take back the Broken Shore. So off we all went, flying to our doom on the most stunning mount I’ve ever seen!! (I am holding out hope that this mount will be a drop from the Tomb of Sargeras raid. Please, please!!)

Pretty sweet ride to the Broken Shore if you ask me!

It was eerie going back to the Broken Shore. This was the place that so many of our allies fell. This is the place where the leader of the Horde was mortally wounded. This was where we lost our King. When we landed, and the demons were running around without a care, I hated them all over again. I took far too much delight in cutting them down, as we made our way through the shore.


We met our fair share of cocky demons who think they’re tough cookies – I quickly put them in their place. At once point we even got to go up on one of the ships, which was brilliant. The floating fel-green image of Dalaran in the navigation panel made me sick to my stomach, though.

We managed to get ourselves a little settled in Deliverance Point. I actually really love this space. It is exactly what I imagined an impromptu battle station would look like – tents posted in a common area for food, shelter and healing. Guards everywhere to keep the area safe, flight paths to get us around, and the vendors with all the goodies!

But what I absolutely loved best of all about Deliverance Point, is that it was tailored to me as a shaman. (And to you and whatever class you may play). The guards protecting the area are shamans and elementals – the barriers are made with totems. There’s even a healing triage in a healing rain circle that is monitored by Morgl the Oracle (who is very sassy indeed!)

Totemic power ftw!
Elementals to help keep us safe
I absolutely LOVE this banner!! I want it as a toy
Dagg the Ogre is in that pond in the middle!
There he is! Hiding out in the silliest of ways as always 😀 
I really love how busy and purposeful this space feels
Morgl the Oracle and other resto shamans healing people up….
… while the druids over there have a snooze!!

I’m looking forward to seeing the buildings as they are completed. At the moment their are construction sites that in a really nice touch, are as complete as their progress shows on the architecture table! (i.e. the table says the mage tower is 40% complete, and the building itself looks to be about 40% complete)

40% of a mage tower

Stronger Artifact weapons

I spent quite a lot of time exploring the rest of the Broken Shore, but I’ll write about all that in another post. Because one of the other big things that needed to be done before raid that night was to unlock the new artifact weapon traits. I ended up doing both the restoration and elemental quest lines to unlock both of those weapons (my enhance weapon isn’t ready for them yet!)

The restoration quest line sent me off to Bradensbrook where things are going bad. The Legion have been riling up the poor ghosts in the area, and they are hell bent on “protecting” everyone from the “demons” that we are. It was a little tough only because there were quite a lot of mobs around and I had to do it in resto spec for the healing, so my damage was quite low. But I got through it, and watched as the poo head organising it all ran away like a coward. (Though I understand now that these quests are the precursor to the new solo challenges for the artifact skin, so I am PUMPED about that!)

I went back to Khadgar and his crew and they were super grateful. So much so that they made my artifact even stronger, and gave me a whole bunch of new traits to go and get.

It’s a fact that you have to glow when you get more powerful #ItsTheRules

Because my artifact power was previously maxed out, I was able to get my weapon up to 39 traits straight away. Then between all the AP you get from questing and the fact that the questing itself also opens up Artifact Knowledge to give you SO MUCH ARTIFACT POWER I was able to get to trait 40 before raid on Wednesday. It was a good feeling! My goal is to work pretty hard to get all of the brand new traits as soon as I can (which if I’m really lucky and work hard I can maybe get done before raid on Sunday?)

I wasn’t overly thrilled with my new traits initially. The one that has 4 ranks just makes my Spiritwalker’s Grace (which allows me to cast on the move) last 2 seconds longer for each point (making it 8 seconds longer overall). But last night when we were back on mythic Krosus I took the Graceful Spirit talent, which makes the cool down of SWG 60 seconds. With those 4 points going in, it meant I was able to cast on the move for more than half of the fight, which was actually really, really nice (though I do miss my fart talent!!)

I also went off and got going on my elemental artifact empowered. The quest for this one was quite different, and involved a lot more puzzles and mind games than hitting things. One part of the quest line has you trying to figure out which combination of 3 runes you need to activate to “do a thing” (I don’t want to give anything away!). There are books laying around with clues in them, and you have to piece it all together to get the right 3 (and only the right 3!) activated. I will give this tip, though, for anyone who hasn’t done this yet – you need to speak to the guy when you have activated the 3 runes. I got it right the first time, but didn’t speak to the guy because I was expecting something to happen straight away, so I thought I’d done it wrong and started over again. So save yourself some time and talk to him!

See? Glowy and powerful! 

So far I’m really enjoying the patch, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds each week! There are already some really awesome world quests, there’s loads of treasures to find and rares to kill, and the new dungeon is really cool! And eventually we’ll open up the Tomb!! Oh my gosh I can’t wait.

Have fun everyone!


8 responses to “Get to the Point!”

  1. Zeirah Avatar

    I am too over the negativity, so I’m soo grateful to see your post 🙂

    ok.. so I didn’t realise everyone saw different version of Deliverance point and I honestly thought everyone was seeing all the same amount of Druids I was seeing. I did think it was a bit odd it was only Druids but I figured it was Blizz finally finding a way of showing all you lower.. no other, classes just how fantastic we are 😀

    I shall hurry up and get my priest down there this weekend so I can see her version 🙂

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    1. Marathal Avatar

      Apologies for any negativity. I did not experience any of the increased scaling tech. I waited a day before I did about half of the entry questing. I could understand if people were frustrated. But by the time I got there I did not have any problem taking care of single targets. Last night my wife did her entry questing on her Shaman. Here I thought I would help her quickly dispatch mobs so we could both get to work. She had a completely different set of quests like you mentioned, and was phased to me. 🙁 so I could not help any. When she got through all of hers I thought that like me she would have a follow up on the Island, but she was done, and had her 4 unlocked. I flew over to get my last, and was faced with an enigma puzzle. Except this one killed you for a misstep. It was very reminiscent of the room on Isle of Thunder with the jumping platform. After my fifth or sixth death and run back. I lost count. I looked up comments and the advice was run as far as you can and die, Rez and move, due again, and your across. Needless to say I was a bit cross having over 210g in repairs. After some more looking things up, 5 minutes trying to figure out how to raise my weapon in the air, I did manage to raise my hand several times but Khadgar is a jerk and wouldn’t tell me to go stand in the circle, I asked in guild and was told, go stand in the circle, and they mean right in the center. So off we went, exploring around, we did a few quests, there was a brief point several treasures were on the map, then vanished. It was a walk down memory lane for me, some parts Isle of Thunder, some Timeless Isle, some Tannan, mobs can drop the Blue Gear tokens, that might be 850 Epic quality. And now that I think about it I should have kept that 850 chest, because I’m betting there is a token I could buy to raise it up. Guess I am hitting the Item Restore tonight.

      What I did not like seeing was packs of Alliance players zipping around targeting everything in sight faster that I could get off a spell. It reminded me of the farming runs everyone did on Timeless. It’s only the first few days, plenty of work to do.

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  2. Cymre Avatar

    Great to read some of the more positive reactions. 🙂

    My negativity mainly comes from my laggy old computer but that will hopefully be remedied this year sometime. Dagg cracks me up. My Disc campaign was a little disappointing after hearing about some of the others. It looks like yours doubles up with resto druids. Mine took me into Highmountain to collect totems and kill a big worm (among other things).

    I’m looking forward to the next 10 weeks or so. Can’t wait to try the new class challenges, collect our mounts and see what’s in store when the Mage Tower is complete.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Cinder Avatar

      I’m having the same problem, Cymre! Even though my Mac isn’t very old at all (2.5 years I think now?) I have to run the game on super low settings (3) to make it playable, especially for raiding. I pump it up to 10 to take screenshots.
      I believe there are 7 different types of quests for the artifacts. I imagine healers probably have the same one (except Disc obviously!), tanks probably have the same, then a bunch of different types for the different styles of dps. I’m also excited to see how everything unfolds!! 😀


      1. Cymre Avatar

        Mine’s 8 yo =\ I do the same thing for good screenies I want to post. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. wrathofkublakhan Avatar

    You are right, we DO need a good dose of positivity. Thanks for the post!

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  4. […] like to give a shout out to Cinder Says with the post Get To The Point about staying positive and enjoy our game. I really was feeling negative before they fixed the […]

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  5. repgrind Avatar

    My only complaint is that I haven’t had enough time to play!

    Ok, that and, always having something big going on the same week as the pet battle weekly event. I think last time it was farming Big Love Rocket week. This time it’s new patch week. Argh! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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