Blizzard Watch needs your help!

Many of you will be aware now that WowInsider (and joystiq et al) have been shut down by AOL. (As of a few hours ago, the WowInsider twitter account was taken over, so any new tweets you see are NOT from the original staff!) This is really a terrible loss to the WoW community. I didn’t visit the site often, but when I did I always enjoyed what I read. What I loved most was that the content was conversational – like we were sitting down having a chat about stuff. Articles were opinionated and I LOVE that. I love hearing people who are passionate about something speak their minds. I don’t have to agree with it, but I enjoy the conversation and the opportunity to argue back. And oh how they got me interested in WoW lore!

Anyway the point is that losing WowInsider is a bit of a big deal. But on the positive side, the staff have got together and have started a brand new website called Blizzard Watch! And I am SO excited about it. It’s independent so they’re not at the whim and fancy of a parent company that doesn’t understand them. It’s going to be full of awesome stuff, and I can’t wait. 

But they need your help. Because they’re independent, they need help financing it. They’ve set up a brilliant campaign using Patreon where you can sponsor their site for any amount you like each month. Even $1 a month will help them. (If you want to do a one off payment, just put that amount in, then shut down the ongoing payments.) I’ve contributed as best as I can. It’s not much, but every little bit will help. If you are willing and able to help out, please go to and pledge what you can. If you can’t help financially, that’s ok too! You can still help out by reblogging or forwarding this to anyone you know who plays WoW or is part of the Blizzard community as a whole, to see if they can help. 

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