General Shadowlands addons

Continuing on the theme of addons, in this post I’ll be going through some of my favourite WoW addons, what they do and where you can get them. (If you’re after raiding addons, check out my last post here for my favs.)

These aren’t in any particular order – pretty much just the order in which I thought of them.


Used for: User Interface
Get it from: or through the tukui client
What it does: ElvUI is a great big addon that can completely replace the base Warcraft UI. What’s really useful about it is that you can customise and move every part of your UI, customise the way nameplate appear, your bags – everything. You can also change as much or as little as you like, so if there are some parts of the base WoW UI that you want to keep, you can.

It can be a bit daunting setting up your own ElvUI profile, but Wago has you covered! There’s a whole collection of ElvUI profiles that people have shared – Same disclaimers apply – be careful about you import. And as always, there’s a wowhead guide for that! Check out for all the info you need to get started.

ElvUI toggle anchors option to customise and move parts of your UI

World Quest Tracker

Used for: World questing
Get it from:
What it does: Gives an overview of world quests and rewards based on what you’re looking at on the map (Green box in pic below). This addon is so great for being able to prioritise your world questing experience. It also provides total summaries of how much of a particular reward is available in any zone (pink box in pink below), and you can preselect which world quests you want to do before heading off. Overall, this addon is a great quality of life improvement!

World Quest Tracker addon at world level

When you look at a zone level, the summary of quests on the left also give you a quick glance at how long each quest will be up for.

World Quest Tracker addon at zone level

Handy Notes

Used for: Treasures/rares, locations of stuff
Get it from: + whatever plugins you want
What it does: This addon is – pun absolutely intended – extremely handy. The base idea of this addon is that it marks locations on stuff on your map. However the real magic of it is what it can show you. You can see in the pic below a rare is marked on the map, and when I hover over it, it also shows me any steps I need to take to make it spawn, what it drops and whether or not I’ve already received that loot, and any achievements attached to killing that mob. (These same notes appear on the main map and the mini map). It also updates live, so if you’ve done your daily attempt on a mob for a rare mount (for example) it will remove the icon from the map for the day until you can farm for it again the next day. Also, icons marked in blue show rares that you can get loot/achievements from, and white icons are those you don’t need anymore. It also does the same with treasure chests – the descriptions can be really handy for treasures that need something specific to open them, too!

Example of Handy Notes rare spawn note

The link above is for the base Handy Notes addon which you will need to make this work, but it won’t do anything on its own. After that you need to download plugins for specific content.
HandyNotes: Shadowlands plugin is great for all Shadowlands content (shown above)
HandyNotes: Oribos plugin – just marks where everything is on the map. Really helpful if you’re like me and keep getting lost in the circular zone!
There are also plugins for World Events, like Hallow’s End, and plugins for rare item farms like the Long Forgotten Hippogryph in Azsuna and the Mysterious Camel figurine in Uldum. There’s also plugins for previous expansion rares. Overall and darn great addon to have in your collection, especially if you’re a rare hunter!

Example of Handy Notes: Oribos plugin, showing locations of useful NPCs


Used for: screenshots, character info, transmog sharing
Get it from:
What it does: This is a great addon if, like me, you enjoy taking loads of screenshots in game, and love showing off your toon. Photo mode is great for taking screenshots on maximum quality and reverting back to your normal settings after. It also has toggles for character emotes which can be cute, too. There’s a started guide for the addon on wowhead, written by the developer –

But the real fun comes in with group mode, where you can create your own scenes in game. It’s actually really amazing, and something I’d like to play with in future. The addon developer made a quick video showing how to do this if you’re curious –

Then there’s the character sharing part of it. This mode is used a lot by people on reddit in the Transmogrification subreddit. There are also options to quickly show another player’s transmog, and to make the dressing room window bigger.

Example of Narcissus

Can I Mog It?

Used for: transmog
Get it from:
What it does: This is a simple little addon that I just adore. It puts a small icon on the tooltips and icons of gear in your bags/bank/dungeon journals etc. and it will tell you whether or not you have already learned that appearance on your current toon, or any of your alts. Very neat! Info on what each of the icons mean is on the link above.

Raid journal showing Can I Mog It? icons beside loot


Used for: UI, organising buttons
Get it from: (NOTE: any versions of this on Curseforge are old and out of date – only download from the link above)
What it does: In short, this creates a “key ring” of buttons from just one button on your bars. I have a couple of these set up, but the main one I use is one I call “Travel”, as shown below. I use this to use hearthstones, and summon specific mounts (such as my yak). Rather than this all taking up 6 or so buttons on my bars, it uses just one. Check out the link above for some more screenshots and a videos of the addon in action. There’s also a guide for setting it up right here

My Travel Opie ring

Venture Plan

Used for: covenant combat table missions
Get it from:
What it does: Helps calculate the success of covenant table missions. This addon has saved my sanity. I am absolutely terrible with the mini-game that is table missions (in all expansions, not just this one!). This addon will help you out by letting you know if the team you have put together will succeed on their mission, or fail. Unfortunately it doesn’t build the team for you automatically, but I don’t know of any addon that does that yet. But still, this is a massive help! (And today I learned it’s made by the same person who makes Opie! So that’s pretty neat)

Venture Plan addon showing success chance window


Used for: pet battles
Get it from:
What it does: this is a pretty big addon that helps you build and save pet battle teams and notes for those teams. What’s even more helpful about it is that you can share battle teams with other people, which really comes in handy when people are super generous and build entire teams for the battle pet dungeons, complete with notes and moves!

Wowhead, of course, has a guide to walk you through the addon right here –

And if you’re after some websites to help you get into pet battles, check these out:
Xu-fu’s Pet Battle Strategies –
Warcraft Pets
Cymre’s YouTube channel this link is a shortcut to her Shadowlands pet battle strategies, but she’s also got some great treasure hunting guides, too. AND she’s a fellow Aussie 🙂

Rematch addon with some of my teams on the right

Azeroth Autopilot

Used for: speed levelling
Get it from:
What it does: helps find the fastest route and order of quests to get to max level. This is a great addon if all you want to do is powerlevel, and don’t care about reading the quest text, story or anything like that. It will skip cinematics automatically for you, accept and turn in quests for you, and direct you where to go and when. NOTE: don’t get this addon if you’re levelling for the first time and you want to experience the story!

Really bad screenshot of Azeroth Autopilot 😀

There are plenty of other addons out there, but this is a start. Hope it helps!

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